Better Call Saul Review

By Jonathan Ionescu

One of my favorite crime drama show returns. The sequel to Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul first premiered in 2015. So far, the show has three seasons and paints a pretty picture to the events taking place before Breaking Bad.

The show takes place in 2002, just a few years before the rise of Walter White. There is nothing more better than the return of the hot Albuquerque sun in New Mexico. Starring Saul Goodman, but before that name, he is known as Jimmy McGill. He is a criminal lawyer trying to make a living. He sleeps in his own small office in the back of a nail salon. He is in debt and is struggling. However, he works very hard and does the law for two reasons; he enjoys it, and he wants to make his brother, Charles, proud. Jimmy mistakenly gets involved with the wrong clients which eventually leads him to illegal business and working for criminals.

Jimmy McGill has a very distinct personality. He is very good at his job and he is just full of colorful metaphors to get his point across. Being a very shady lawyer, despite the risk, he is worth it. He is highly skilled at what he does and has a variety of connections to drug dealers and other criminals. One notable thing I must point out about Jimmy is how much of a good liar he is. He can make any story believable.

He defended a man who was robbed a collection of baseball cards and illegal pharmaceuticals. However the police did not know he was robbed of these pills, but there was suspicion he was carrying something else. Jimmy McGill, represented this man by the man of “Dan”, and bought the lie that officers believed that someone stole tapes of Dan sitting in pies for his pleasure and enjoyment.

Very odd, but it was funny seeing it and how well he could sell it to the cops. I am quite impressed with Jimmy McGill’s magic. However, this is pure gold writing produced from the man Vince Gilligan. The writer for both Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul. A huge applause goes to him and the genius work he has created for us viewers. I look forward to watching the rest of the show and seeing what happens. As of now, I give the show a solid 4.09 out 5.

Ionescu out.

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