Upcoming and Noteworthy Movie Sequels

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By Jocelyn Donaldson

Movie sequels can go both ways. Either they crash and burn in comparison to the fantastic movie that preceded it or they steal away the spotlight. Below are some of my personal favorites that have sequels coming out sometime in the future.

Recently, I ran across a trailer for the sequel to one of my favorite movies. With a September 22 release date that couldn’t be farther, the awaited sequel comes after Kingsman: The Secret Service. By the way, if you haven’t already seen it, the first movie is amazing. If you like James Bond, these are the movies for you. Not to mention the first one is hilarious, action packed, and even somewhat gory. The movie follows Eggsy Unwin, a delinquent who is heading down the wrong path. What Eggsy doesn’t know, is that his father was a part of a secret spy organization called Kingsman. When his father died, he was given a medal by his father’s coworker and a code phrase to say if he ever got into trouble. Everythings hits the fan when Eggsy is arrested, but he manages to call in the favor. Along with the get out of jail free card, comes an opportunity to become a spy like his father. Meanwhile, the cliche villain hatches a plan to kill off some of the world’s population all for the sake of global warming. The cast for the first movie was perfect. Taron Egerton plays Eggsy, which is perfect considering the play on the name. In reality though, the writer came up with the name based on an old friend of his. The name thing is completely coincidence, which makes it all the more awesome. Samuel L. Jackson plays the loveable villain, and no that isn’t a typo. His nausea over blood and love of heroic cliches makes him entertaining. The sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, has even more stars. With the downfall of the Kingsman, the leftover agents discover a new agency, the American’s version called the Statesman. New actors included are Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, and Jeff Bridges. With these new allies, they must band together to once again save the world from an enemy.

Another popular movie that its sequel actually was released on Friday is Guardians of the Galaxy. In the first one, Chris Pratt plays Peter Quill, or Star-lord, who finds himself in a sticky situation when he steals an orb from the villainous Ronan. Evading Ronan proves too much for Star-lord himself, so he teams up with the misfits of the galaxy. There’s Rocket Raccoon, played by Bradley Cooper, a crazy furry gun slinging maniac. Vin Diesel plays Groot, a treelike-humanoid who is sweet as can be-or at least until you mess with his new friends. Gamora (Zoe Saldana), a fiery alien and Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista) make up the rest of the group of unlikely heroes. Now, the sequel came out this past Friday on May 5. Once again, the group of heroes sets out to save the universe. The Guardians are hired to protect batteries by a powerful alien race called the Sovereign, but when Rocket steals the batteries, the Sovereign are out for vengeance. As they attempt to escape, Peter’s parentage is finally revealed. In the first movie, this was a question many were debating, so the fact that the second movie will answer who his parents are is enough of a reason to go see the movie. The cast and characters blend perfectly together in the first, so I’m sure the second will be just as epic.

Movie sequels can be something to look forward to, especially if they’re one of your favorite movies. However, the anticipation and wait can be a little much. Just remember, some movies don’t even get to have sequels, so at least there is one, even if the release date is still far away.

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