Blood Drive

By Jocelyn Donaldson

On Thursday, April 27, there was a blood drive held during school which was open to all eligible faculty and students. This year, any 16 year old with their permission form filled out was able to donate. Also, for those looking to add a little color to your graduation cap and gown, you can sign up for the Miller Keystone’s Red Cord Program. If you have donated four times or volunteered at the blood drive four times, then you have the option to wear a red cord at graduation. However, your application must be in by May 15, which can be found at Laura Daher is one senior who donated this year. “It was interesting. It’s the first time I’ve ever done it and I’m glad I was able to donate to help out with those who need it.” She also mentioned she would be willing to donate again, as long as her iron levels don’t manage to get in the way like last year. Another senior to donate blood was Alex Diamond. “ I liked giving blood and then eating a lot of Oreo cookies afterward in the canteen.” He was able to donate in his sophomore year, but wasn’t able to donate in the fall this school year because they said he had too much iron. Abby Rapp also donated blood. “It was a great experience! Being able to donate blood made me feel great for being able to help people.” This was actually her fourth time donating blood, so she does have the option of receiving a red cord for graduation. Overall, the blood drive went pretty well, with 88 people donating blood and 66 pints of blood collected. According to Miller Keystone Blood Center, this was Salisbury’s best and largest blood drive. Emily Kiska, Melinda Rivera, and Jessette Long deserve a special thanks for all their hard work in making sure the blood drive ran successfully. Keep up the great work Salisbury and let’s aim to do even better next year.

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