Prison Break Season 1 Review

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By Jonathan Ionescu

Usually the rating comes at the end of the whole show, but I honestly do not like the other three seasons that follow after season one. They’re okay, but season one was the greatest. You could literally just watch that and be satisfied. So, I will be giving a summary of season one, followed by my opinion on it. This will contain spoilers of course, read at your own will.

The first episode of Prison Break opens up with the character Michael Scofield being tatted up. However, this is not your average tattoo session. He is shirtless, and his whole body is covered in ink. There is so much ink, it is like you cannot see any skin showing on his body. There is no explanation for this until later in the season. After the tattoo session, he robs a bank. Kind of.

He brings a gun and demands the money, he shoots at the ceiling a few times. But he surrenders immediately, and smiles slightly. This is how you know he intended to be arrested. After being sent to Fox County Prison, he is not fitting in too well. Already making some enemies, he gets his toe cut off. This was one of the most gruesome scenes I have ever seen in tv history. The show Dexter has a lot of blood and sick twisted things, but a wire cutter to the toe makes you cringe and quiver so much more.

I like the whole concept and mastermind plan of escaping a prison. After seeing this, you would think, “hey it’s possible.” In reality, it’s just a TV show, the writer can have anything happen to their desire. One notable thing that stood out to me are the small details of the prison escape. They make it very detailed so they can paint the audience a clear picture of, “this is how you escape prison in a non-cheesy way”. The Allen bolt is something that Michael needs. He acquires it from another man in the prison for a deal. The use for this bolt is for the toilet in his cell. After unloosing the toilet, a whole new blank canvas is created afterwards. Many more options open, and it’s a whole new puzzle to work with.

The last but biggest thing that leads to Michael’s prison escape is his tattoo. I personally like tattoos. However, this tattoo of his covers his entire back, stomach/chest, and arms. It’s a bit too much but still looks great. The significance of the tattoo is that it is the cheat sheet for escaping prison. On his back, it contains the entire blueprint/map of the prison. Michael got access to the blueprints before entering prison due to him being an engineer, and working for the place that designed the prison. He also has references that only he would understand. Tattoos like,


Fitz, Gerald, Percy: The name of the streets that would lead to the prison escape

Allen Schweitzer 11121147: model of a screw to unscrew the toilet in his cell

Bolshoi Booze: Mirrored imaged which displays coordinates
There are many more but those are small notable ones. Michael Scofield is a genius, without that, the show would not be what it has amounted to. It is not my favorite show, but it is an amazing, well written season. I give it 4.3/5 stars.

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