Love Advice #6

Question: I’m afraid I’m going to die alone, What do I do?

Everyone feels like they will never find love once in awhile, but never fear. There are so many people who could be out there. As long as you are open to all of the possibilities, you will easily be able to find someone who will last. Try to do activities or get a job that keeps you out of the house as you will focus less on your loneliness and more on the other activities. For example, when I was feeling lonely, I got a job at a local grocery store and did some volunteering for local charity groups. Also, you can try to discuss your feelings with a counselor or psychiatrist to try to pinpoint reasons why you might feel that way. Just try to find a healthy way to combat your loneliness and you will be in a much better place. However, even if you aren’t able to find that special someone, you will always have family and friends so you will never be completely alone.




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