No Place for Hate New Members

By Nathan Rolls

No Place For Hate is, once again, recruiting new members. No Place For Hate is an initiative that grants institutions a place dedicated to fight bias and bullying. There are many schools that participate in the No Place For Hate initiative. These schools are located all across the nation, with schools in Georgia, Florida, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania, and many more.

No Place For Hate’s overarching goal is to truly make schools a place where hate is eliminated. Bullying can affect anyone at anytime and it’s one of the biggest goals in No Place For Hate to eliminate bullying. Alongside bullying, bias and discrimination are also combatted head on. In fact, just this year, No Place For Hate decided to fight bias by taking pictures of signs that said, “Just because I am…does not mean I am…” The purpose behind it was to showcase the amount of bias that people hold, and to prove that it is not true.

Only 30 students will be enrolled in falcon period meetings, but help with activities and ideas is greatly appreciated by both members in No Place For Hate, and the teacher running it. Meetings are held during falcon period in room 117 with Miss. DosSantos. Also be aware that if membership interests you, some morning, after school, and weekend meetings and events may occur. When you apply to No Place For Hate, many aspects are taken into consideration. Miss DosSantos looks for “someone that is willing to take on responsibility, works well with others, is motivated, embraces our no hate philosophy, has time to dedicate to the group, etc.​” Members must have positive relationships with peers and faculty, and feedback from teachers administration is weighed into the application process. Miss.  As a member of No Place For Hate, it is rewarding to be a part of a club that stands for a peaceful school environment, where students do not have to come to school in fear of being bullied or harassed. School is already tough enough for some people, and it’s crucial that the school at least provide a place without hate for students to attend.


The new No Place for Hate members for the 2017-2018 school year are:


  1. Mitchell Wood
  2. Johnny Nguyen
  3. Kobe McCloud
  4. Megan Belzner
  5. Danalyn Roncolato
  6. Alison Mizgerd
  7. Samantha Roth
  8. Kaitlyn Keller
  9. Deziree Correa
  10. Madison Lash
  11. Elizabeth Raines
  12. Bryant Alayola
  13. Jenny Phan
  14. Cathryn Fitzsimmons
  15. Olivia Hoeing
  16. Sydney Kramer
  17. Kalista Hadinger
  18. Rosie Palacios
  19. Skylar Slough
  20. Eric Fonseca
  21. Ernesto Fermin
  22. Melanie Sepulveda
  23. Trinity Sobers


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