The World Welcomes A New Baby

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By Paige Mathieu

Since February, the world has been waiting for the arrival of a baby giraffe. Thousands of viewers have watched the live camera and waited for a the new giraffe to be born. April the giraffe, the mother, lives at the Animal Adventure Park located in Harpursville, New York. In order to support April, the park agreed to put a video camera that would allow people to view April, until she gave birth. Before long, the giraffe became famous and even had its own Twitter page. People from all over wanted to wait for the baby.

On April 15th at around ten in the morning, April gave birth to a baby boy. He is about 150 pounds and about six feet which is the average size for a baby giraffe. The name of the giraffe however, is still unknown. When the park saw how many people were interested in the new baby giraffe, the park decided to hold a contest to decide what to name the baby. Each vote costs one dollar, but all of the proceeds will be going to a charity that supports giraffes, Ava’s Little Heros, or to support raising the new baby. Currently, the top ten names are Unity, Patches, Apollo, Patch, Peter, Harpur, Geoffrey, Noah, Ollie, and Alysa’s choice (who is April’s keeper).

The giraffe will remain with its mother and be raised naturally for six to ten months before being moved.
 People who were watching April with her calf noticed that she was limping. The giraffe is fine, but because the park was receiving too many comments concerning the giraffe, the park had to take down the camera, as it was interfering with the park’s normal operations.

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