Song Review: Through the Mail

By Jonathan Ionescu

A bad, but also good song was released on October 2016. What I mean by this is that an artist who is kind of seen as a celebrity joke has been active in the music industry recently. Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis, also known as Stitches, is a rapper from Miami, Florida. His most popular songs are “Brick In Yo Face” & “Molly Cyrus”.

The artist Stitches can be very vulgar, explicit, and offensive to young audiences. He has a huge association with drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. At some point, he was a drug dealer and relied on just that for his income. When he was very poor, he was evicted from his home due to missed payments which was totalled at $8000. Since he was 16, the rapper has gotten tattoos of many things on his face. He was married at some point, and had a son when he was 19. Stitches has been through alot for a while, and deals with a lot of hate. However, he has many supporting fans for his music. He has one song titled, “Through The Mail”. The song is plainly about sending drugs through the mail. It is really simple. I like the beat though. It is followed by a superficial synth-like-trombone that plays as the lead. The chorus is the most catchy part.


“You wanna sell drugs.. Follow my footsteps than you’ll receive cocaine at your doorstep…”


Honestly, he gets a lot of hate for being corny and dumb when it comes to music. I can agree, but some songs are pretty catchy. I can see myself blasting his music in my car, sure why not? His music is seen as a joke to me and my friends. So now it runs as an inside joke between us. The dude is actual pretty cool and has funny Instagram videos.


His other song “Kilos in My Bag” is yet another catchy song despite how stupid it is. I would advise people to not look at him like a role model. Sure, he is inspirational, but he’s a little dumb. He is a cool guy though.


Overall, this song receives a 3 out of 5 for me.

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