Naval Flight Officer Visits Salisbury

By Paige Mathieu

Mr. Hoch visited the high school during the week of April 10th to present to Miss Brinson’s classes about his job as a Naval Flight Officer.  As a Naval Flight Officer, Mr. Hoch  flies a two seat plane with another pilot. During his flights, he usually surveys the area and once in awhile, he drops bombs. Because he usually flies around the Middle East, threats from other airplanes are usually not a problem. On occasions however, they may receive threats from on the ground. When Mr. Hoch learns of these threats, he says that the best way to avoid being hit is to fly higher than the guns’ range or to fly quickly, so that the people on the ground cannot receive a definite target.  

He spends up to 8 months on a boat a year. Although this may seem like a long time, the crew often stops once a month to enjoy time in a nearby city. Mr. Hoch said that although he enjoys seeing new places, he has visited Dubai more times then he can count. Before leaving the naval base, the crew must pass a flying test to make sure that they are able to fly off the boat and land on the boat properly. The crew is also able to have one day off a week, which they often spend catching up on paperwork. If the crew has some free time, since there is no wifi, they often play video games, or they catch up on television that they may have missed.

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