NBA Playoffs: Cavs Take Game 2

By CJ Wittman

Game 2 of the 7 game first round playoff series was taken by Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers at their home court. The Cavs now lead the Eastern Conference playoffs 2-0 over the Indiana Pacers. Game 2 was filled with playoff like intensity, but the Pacers couldn’t stop Cleveland’s offense from rolling. Kyrie Irving lead the Cavs with 37 points; Kevin Love added 27 and Lebron James had 25.  Most of the game was lead by Cleveland, but Indiana put up a good fight.  

Paul George made 32 points, and helped the Pacers come just shy of a playoff win. Jeff Teague made 8-12 field goals, and shot for 23 points. Thaddeus Young added to it with 16.  Game 1 was decided from a final shot, and game 2 only by only 6 points. For the Pacers, it is going to be tough to stop the Cavaliers now. James and the Cavs have the experience to get it done, but can Indiana derail the train?
The Cavaliers will head to Indiana Thursday to play game 3 of the playoffs. Coming back from a 3-0 lead is unlikely, especially against the veteran Cavaliers, so if the Pacers want to advance in the playoffs, game 3 is a must win in order to do it. If the Pacers can’t win Thursday at home, they will go back to Cleveland to play game 4, with all odds against them.

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