Water Bottle Revolution

By Lindsey Diamond

Salisbury High School’s environmental club is taking initiative to positively impact the environment. The club was established when Sophie Niesenbaum went to Ms. Morningstar and expressed concern about how the school did not have a recycling program. Ms. Morningstar’s response was to see if Frau Spradlin could advise an environmental club to fix the problem and implement recycling in Salisbury. Frau Spradlin agreed, because she also had concerns as well. Since then, every classroom contains separate bins for trash, paper, and water bottles.

The students in the group have a lot of ideas they would like to work on. Signs are located throughout the school to inform students how much waste is produced through non-reusable water bottles. This leads to the Water Bottle Revolution. Frau Spradlin and students made a video expressing how non-reusable water bottles waste oil and is harmful to the environment. The amount oil that is extracted to make water bottles is enough to fuel a million cars. Also, 80% of the water bottles end up in landfills to be downcycled in India. Downcycling is not beneficial, because all of those water bottles are being broken down to materials and barely used. If the downcycled materials are even used, they are reused as a lower-value product.

The goal of the Water Bottle Revolution is to sell reusable water bottles to decrease the amount of plastic waste that occurs with standard water bottles. Starting on April 3rd, the environmental club will be selling reusable water bottles in the cafeteria. In addition, students can sign a paper pledging they will never purchase a water bottle again. The environmental club is also holding a raffle regarding the water bottle revolution. If you answer questions correctly, your name is added to possibly win a free water bottle!

Future projects for the Environmental Club include utilizing the courtyard more often, and building an outdoor classroom. The courtyard could be used as an incentive for kids to achieve better grades. If kids are meeting their goals and working very hard, as a reward, they could have lunch in the courtyard or a Falcon Period. The future of the environmental club is exciting and a definite positive to Salisbury High School!

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