Band Concert

By Nathan Rolls

The Salisbury chorus and band have a very busy month ahead of them. From band practices that start increasing in quantity day by day, to chorus classes practicing solos and songs, the Salisbury High School chorus and band is practicing hard to ensure their audience members have the best listening experience.

The performances kick off with a visit from the elementary schools to view the concert during school, on Tuesday, May 9. Later that night, the school will hold the public evening concert at 7:00 PM. The concert will feature the band, chorus, and Descant Can’t Get Enough, which is a talented, acapella group. David Eckhart, who is in band and chorus describes his last concert as bittersweet. “I’m excited about the upcoming concert because this is my favorite collection of songs we’ve ever performed. I am also looking forward to it because it’s my last one here at Salisbury. It’s going to be kind of bittersweet.” Kindergarten through second grade will visit the high school on Tuesday, May 9. Grades three through five will attend the high school’s performance on Friday, May 12.

Scheccid Alayola, a senior who is in country chorus, district chorus, concert chorus, and Descant Can’t Get Enough, describes the anticipation of her last concert as, “exciting, but also very sad.” Scheccid has been practicing and performing music for 17 years. “As a matter of fact, my first word was ‘row,’ from Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Music is something that is very important to me.” She hopes that everyone comes out to support the hard working band and chorus! Make sure you come out to support the hard work the chorus and band has put into their music! They will greatly appreciate it!

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