Boys Baseball takes first loss

By CJ Wittman

The Salisbury boys baseball team hosted Notre Dame-Green Pond Wednesday, with hopes of upsetting each others’ run.  Notre Dame came into the game 3-0 on the season, while the Falcons stood at 2-0, so both teams wanted to stay undefeated. Taylor Linn pitched the first 3 innings as Notre Dame racked up 5 runs. Salisbury’s bats were unable to get going, which allowed the Crusaders to pull away early.  

After 3 innings Salisbury pulled Linn from pitcher and put in Andrew Sukanic. Still, the Crusaders continued to hit the ball and pull in runs. Lucas Irwin, Collin Wagner, and Peter Foresteri all hit the ball for Salisbury, but had no chance to make it around the bases. Notre Dame continued to score and Salisbury’s offense struggled to make contact and score. After 7 innings, the final score stood at 10-0, Crusaders.  The defeat only puts the Falcons at 2-1, which means that they’re still in good shape for rest of the season.  

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