Best Movies to Go See

By Jocelyn Donaldson

Going to see a movie is a great, quick, way to cure boredom. With the amount of different movies that a theater shows, it’s safe to say there is something for everyone to see. Unless of course, you don’t like movies. This week, i’ve heard students talking about going to see a variety of movies including The Boss Baby, Power Rangers, Logan, and Get Out.

Boss Baby is an adorable movie that anyone can go see. If you have a little sibling, it’s the perfect movie that will keep both of you entertained. With the arrival of a new baby, a sibling rivalry is quick to form between Tim and the little baby. Turns out, the baby is a spy sent to stop puppies from overtaking babies. Boss Baby is played by Alec Baldwin, wears suits, and carries a briefcase. The animated comedy is perfect for anyone, but especially anyone who knows what it’s like to have a sibling they sometimes clash with.

Another movie to recently be released into theaters is the new Power Rangers movie. With a higher rating than Boss Baby, the movie is mostly well received to critics. The movie follows five teens into a new adventure when they must become something amazing to save their town and possibly even the world. They must overcome life problems and band together to become the Power Rangers and save the planet. This movie is more for the science fiction or action lovers out there. The movie also is somewhat funny and surprising relatable with its inclusion of real life problems.

A movie I myself plan to see as soon as possible is Logan. The film is a science fiction and drama which follows an X-Men favorite. Logan and an ailing Professor X are in hiding from the world until Logan meets a mutant girl he must protect. If you’ve seen the X-Men and other Wolverine movies, then this is definitely a must see. All of the online ratings and reviews are positive and some even say it’s the best Wolverine movie yet. Even those who are frustrated by the movie have ended up giving the movie positive reviews. I’ll admit, if you haven’t seen any of the previous movies, you will probably be pretty confused. However, I think that binge watching the Wolverine movies at the least and then seeing the move would be worth it.

Last but not least, is Get Out. The movie broke a 20 year old record when it became the highest grossing debut project with an original screenplay.The movie was made for less than $5 million and managed to bring in over $150 million. The mystery/thriller follows a couple named Chris and Rose. Rose invites Chris to meet her parents at a weekend getaway. The family’s over accommodating ways are glanced over as nervousness to their daughter’s interracial relationship. However, it comes to light that something much more surprising and sinister is going on. With great ratings and excellent reviews, I see no reason why you shouldn’t see the movie unless you don’t like scary movies. I’ve been told that jumping in fright is the norm while watching this movie, so hold on tight to the popcorn.

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