Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

By Jocelyn Donaldson

Friday the 17th marked a great day. Actually, I’m only kidding. However, a new movie did come out and I think it deserves to be mentioned. The classic movie “Beauty and the Beast” can now be added to the list of animated movies turned realistic. Honestly, I was disappointed. When I went to see the movie I wasn’t at all expecting it. Turns out, when my friend and I arrived at the theater, we couldn’t see the movie. It was almost completely sold out. All they had left to offer was two seats on opposite ends of the theater. Trying to be clever, we went online in an attempt to buy tickets for the next day in advance. Fandango was no help in our quest for a Saturday showtime and we ended up ticketless. Sunday tickets were available, but only if you were willing to sit in the first row and crane your neck trying to look up the entire movie. Finally Monday, our bad streak broke and we got tickets in a reasonable spot. During those days of waiting, the anticipation began to build, especially considering how much I loved the original. I didn’t want to ruin it by watching a remake that might not be anywhere close to the original’s standards.

Monday finally came and the recent disappointment, anticipation, and dread dissipated. “Beauty and the Beast” was a much better movie than I thought it would be. In fact, it was incredible. Emma Watson played an amazing Belle. It’s like the role was made specifically for her. The beast, played by Dan Stevens, was somehow unpleasant and yet comical at the same time. Gaston, everyone’s favorite villain, was even more evil than expected. Josh Gad, who played Gaston’s sidekick and is known for his constant hilarious quips, was the perfect fit for LeFou. The plot stayed relatively the same, but there were a few smaller changes, although they didn’t affect the overall structure of the original’s. Every single singing scene was faultless. The original tunes were included and even a few new ones. Overall, every change they made seem to fit the movie perfectly. The ending was dramatic and had everyone in the theater speechless.

In conclusion, I think the remake of such a classic movie couldn’t have turned out any better than it did. I can completely understand why this movie was such a sellout. In fact, ticket sales are projected to reach almost a billion dollars. If you even slightly enjoyed watching the classic “Beauty and the Beast”, then I suggest you see this new version. I sincerely recommend it to anyone.

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