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Keystone Test Preparations in Place

By Alex Diamond

Keystone test preparations have concluded for the current school year. The stage is now set for the high stakes tests in English, Math, and Science that are mandatory for all students who want to graduate in the class of 2019 or later.

Some aspects of the preparations for Keystones have proven controversial. One element that often causes disarray are the amounts of time that teachers must focus on test preparation. Junior Samantha Haas does not like this emphasis on the test. “My graduation year does not have to pass them to graduate, so it means nothing to us.” Junior John Rodriguez also did not agree with the focus on it, but because the information on the test is already integrated into the curriculum. “Extra time does not help except when you don’t understand something you know is going to be on the test.” Sophomore Cathryn Fitzsimmons felt that teachers should go into a review right before the test.

The policy that limits electronics to the computer (while testing) and a calculator had more supporters than detractors, to an extent. Both Haas and Rodriguez thought that the policy was good for the test itself, but felt that they should be allowed after the test, because it staves off boredom and there is no way to cheat if the teachers already have packets. Fitzsimmons was more resolutely supportive of the policy. “Using electronics unrelated to the subject material can only impair the results of the test”.

The subjects offered on the Keystones include English, Biology and Math. Math seemed to be the hardest this year, with two of the three saying that was the hardest. Haas said that Math was the hardest. “It’s confusing.” Fitzsimmons also agreed that Math was the hardest, but English was the longest section. Rodriguez said that Biology was the hardest but the difficulty didn’t vary much for him.
If students who are in the Class of 2019 or later do not pass a Keystone subject on the first try, they must take tutoring during some of their Falcon Periods and retake the tests that they failed in either the winter or the spring of the next school year to be able to graduated. Students who have failed multiple times without significant improvement can also meet the requirement by completing a long-term project on the subject or by achieving select I.E.P. goals, provided they currently have or can qualify for an I.E.P. Fitzsimmons for one says that it’s a good idea, but there could be better ways of implementing it. “It’s a good way of reassuring the lessons got through to the students, but I’m not sure it’s the best way.”

Salisbury Debate Team Wins

By Paige Mathieu

On Tuesday April 25th, the debate team headed to their final debate of the year. This debate determined who the winner of the debate season was, and who wins the debate trophy, which is kept at the winning school until the finals the following year. This year’s final debate was held at Saucon Valley High School with Salisbury High School competing against Pennridge High School. Salisbury was on the affirmative side, which included Benjamin Wiener, Nathan Reed, and Alan Lovelidge, while Pennridge was on the negative side for the resolve, “The United States of America should implement a DNA database for all criminal suspects.”


Each debate team presented reasons why the United States should or shouldn’t implement a DNA database. Some of the main reason against the database is hackers and the idea that people would be seen as criminals for the rest of their life when their DNA is placed in the database, while the reasons for a database include, taking criminals off the street faster and how the DNA being collected tells nothing about you, medically or appearance wise. In fact, your driver’s license has more information than the DNA does.


Tuesday’s debate was formatted using the usual debate format, which is 5 minutes for the first affirmative speaker, 2 minutes and 30 seconds for the negative questioner, 5 minutes for the first negative speaker, 2 minutes and 30 seconds for the affirmative questioner,  5 minutes for the second affirmative speaker, 2 minutes and 30 seconds for the negative questioner, 5 minutes for the second negative speaker, 2 minutes and 30 seconds for the affirmative questioner,  a five minute break and then 5 minutes for the negative rebuttal and 5 minutes for the affirmative rebuttal.  
This year, the Salisbury High School debate team was the winner of the LVIDA normal season, the winner of the semifinals, and now the winner of the finals. Congratulations to the debate team!

Awards Ceremony

By Nathan Rolls

The Academic and Service Award Ceremony is a night dedicated to distributing awards to some of Salisbury’s most accomplished and determined students. What was once a presentation held during the school day at the end of the year, is now an event that family and friends look forward to attending. Mrs. Zapf, Salisbury High School’s administrative assistant for the school counseling program, and the person in charge of the Academic and Service Award Ceremony, was incredibly kind enough to answer a few questions regarding the ceremony.

This history behind the Academic and Service Award Ceremony, to my surprise, dates back all the way to 1965. Mrs. Zapf went into detail regarding the ceremony. “The awards ceremony has taken place annually since 1965. Initially, the presentation was held in an end-of-year student assembly during the school day. In the early 80s, however, the ceremony was moved to 7 PM to accommodate family and friends.” This means that the award ceremony just recently passed 50 consecutive years of occurrence.

On average, Mrs. Zapf receives a list of 45-50 invitees/recipients. She added that, “Each award has a set of criteria that provides guidelines on how a recipient is selected.” One of the aspects that Mrs. Zapf likes most is, “I like seeing our students recognized for their academic achievement, class leadership, sports and volunteer service to the Salisbury community.” The Academic and Service Award Ceremony will be held at 7 pm on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 in the Salisbury High School auditorium.

No Place for Hate New Members

By Nathan Rolls

No Place For Hate is, once again, recruiting new members. No Place For Hate is an initiative that grants institutions a place dedicated to fight bias and bullying. There are many schools that participate in the No Place For Hate initiative. These schools are located all across the nation, with schools in Georgia, Florida, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania, and many more.

No Place For Hate’s overarching goal is to truly make schools a place where hate is eliminated. Bullying can affect anyone at anytime and it’s one of the biggest goals in No Place For Hate to eliminate bullying. Alongside bullying, bias and discrimination are also combatted head on. In fact, just this year, No Place For Hate decided to fight bias by taking pictures of signs that said, “Just because I am…does not mean I am…” The purpose behind it was to showcase the amount of bias that people hold, and to prove that it is not true.

Only 30 students will be enrolled in falcon period meetings, but help with activities and ideas is greatly appreciated by both members in No Place For Hate, and the teacher running it. Meetings are held during falcon period in room 117 with Miss. DosSantos. Also be aware that if membership interests you, some morning, after school, and weekend meetings and events may occur. When you apply to No Place For Hate, many aspects are taken into consideration. Miss DosSantos looks for “someone that is willing to take on responsibility, works well with others, is motivated, embraces our no hate philosophy, has time to dedicate to the group, etc.​” Members must have positive relationships with peers and faculty, and feedback from teachers administration is weighed into the application process. Miss.  As a member of No Place For Hate, it is rewarding to be a part of a club that stands for a peaceful school environment, where students do not have to come to school in fear of being bullied or harassed. School is already tough enough for some people, and it’s crucial that the school at least provide a place without hate for students to attend.


The new No Place for Hate members for the 2017-2018 school year are:


  1. Mitchell Wood
  2. Johnny Nguyen
  3. Kobe McCloud
  4. Megan Belzner
  5. Danalyn Roncolato
  6. Alison Mizgerd
  7. Samantha Roth
  8. Kaitlyn Keller
  9. Deziree Correa
  10. Madison Lash
  11. Elizabeth Raines
  12. Bryant Alayola
  13. Jenny Phan
  14. Cathryn Fitzsimmons
  15. Olivia Hoeing
  16. Sydney Kramer
  17. Kalista Hadinger
  18. Rosie Palacios
  19. Skylar Slough
  20. Eric Fonseca
  21. Ernesto Fermin
  22. Melanie Sepulveda
  23. Trinity Sobers


Domestic Violence Week & T-Shirts

By Briana Snyder

April 24th-28th is Domestic Violence Awareness Week at SHS. Please join the Family Class as they bring a voice to those who are silent. Violent relationships leave one in four women and one in seven men victim to physical, emotional, and financial abuse every year.  Many victims are frightened or embarrassed and refuse to speak up.​

Proceeds from the Family Class go towards making their goal of selling 30 shirts to raise awareness, and a financial donation to our local women’s shelter, Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley.

Mrs. Borthwick said that she gave a presentation in March on beginning a family and relationships. They examined why people are attracted to certain people. At this time they also learned what an unhealthy relationship is. She gave her presentation on domestic violence and the students in family class felt very strongly about it. The class wanted others to be aware of the information as well. This information is valuable and can help students develop awareness about their own relationships. Teens do not always want to admit that their relationships are sometimes based on some very unhealthy behaviors. You do not want to hear what others have to say about someone you are interested! Yet sometimes we can not see that the situation is really toxic. Drama is always involved with this topic and it can hit people very personally. The last reason she feels it is a tough topic to talk about is the being silent about abuse is what every abuser hopes for. Victims are quiet and do not tell others, or plead for secrecy because of the consequences from their abuser. This makes the topic of domestic violence unattractive to talk about and campaign against.


“The sale of shirts was a class idea.

The goal is to place a message to ‘end the violence-break the silence’ on a person who can then start the conversation about domestic violence. The shirt sale would also demonstrate support for victims. I think you have to brave to wear a shirt like this because it will draw interest.” To conclude the interview, she stated that she believes her class wanted the information to go beyond her classroom. Many of her Family Class students are seniors and the message will leave the building in a few weeks. To provide this information and generate new awareness to students that remain is a way of making it last.

Will you be taking part in this awarness week that needs to be talked about, or buying a t-shirt to support this class and the Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley?

Cleveland Wins Round 1

By CJ Wittman

At Bankers Life Fieldhouse Arena in Indiana, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Indiana Pacers fought for game 4 of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Tied at 100, Thaddeus Young put Indiana up 2 with a putback bucket, coming from a missed FG from Paul George. With just 68 seconds left to play, Lebron James cocked back at the three point line, and drained it to take the lead 103-102. After a missed three and turnover from the Pacers’ Paul George, the Cavs take the series 4-0. The stats for the game were almost identical, but key plays such as James’ chasedown block on Thaddeus Young gave the Cavaliers the upper hand to win.

Game 4 the Pacers gave it their all, but couldn’t stop the experience of Lebron James. James has never lost a first round playoff series, standing at 12-0. Lebron also has 21 consecutive wins in the first round, the most for any player since 1984. James’ productivity has lead him and his teams to six straight NBA Finals, and counting.  

If anyone has a better chance of winning the Finals, it’s the Cavs. Lebron James has proved it over the years, and is making his presence again this year. The Cavs will go on to face either the Chicago Bulls or the Boston Celtics, who are tied at 2-2 in the series.

Naruto Show Review

By Jonathan Ionescu

Naruto is an anime that came out in 2007. I started watching it late 2016. I was recommended to watch it by a friend and thought it was ridiculous from first glance. However… I was wrong…

I gave the first episode a try. My mind was blown. I’ve been missing out!!

This show is seriously amazing. The plot line is about a ninja boy from his village who wants to become, “Hokage” (the highest rank of his village) and be the best ninja to ever live. However, he goes through the hardships such as no parents, loneliness, and weaknesses. He was once the worst ninja of his village. Absolutely horrible, no one had hope in him.

He then trained, and trained, and trained. He was mentored and taught from the greatests sages!!! In other news, it’s a really new type of show to me. I have never seen something like this. There are messages in the show a lot of the time. I really like the lessons you learn from it, and it can be kind of inspiring. The character Naruto, is just the most excited, jumpiest kid ever. He is straight up, annoying. I really like his character though, and so does everyone else. No one from his village believes in him, except his friend… Konohamaru. It is inspiring how he wants to be the best and will never give up.

One of my favorite things about Naruto is the rasengan. It is an attack that Naruto does on his opponents. It is a powerful attack that looks like this…

The great sage Jiraiya taught Naruto this. This attack requires a lot of chakra and will make a foe go flying. There is also a Naruto game that I play and I love using this move. It’s so satisfying when you hit them with it. Eventually, Naruto becomes so advanced he modifies the rasengan. Making it look like this…

And this…

Yes, Naruto is actually that beast. I actually haven’t even got that far into the show to see that, but in the game it is clear and visual. If you have not watched Naruto. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!?!??

I give this show 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯/💯 💯 💯 💯 💯.

Ionescu out. ❤️❓⚰✋️❤️❓✌✍☝️⛈✨⚡️⛅️‍♂️☎️⏳⏰⚖️⌛️⚔️⛓⚗️♌️☦️♍️㊗️❌⚠️7️⃣➕✖️✖️✔️◾️◾️♣️⬛️♠️️


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