Salisbury Swimmers Place at States

By Alex Glenn

On March 16th and 17th, our Salisbury swimmers competed to earn the title of PIAA state champion. The swimmers involved included Sarah Bobeck, Mahlon Reihman, and Daniel Bonge. Reihman competed in the boys 100yd freestyle, Bonge competed in the boys 100yd backstroke, and Bobeck competed in the girls 200yd freestyle.

Out of all the competitors only Mahlon and Bonge placed. Reihman came in second with a final time of 45.29 seconds. Although this is a school record, it wasn’t quite good enough to beat Central Catholic’s Gabe Castano with a time of 44.78. Bonge came in 7th for the 100yd Backstroke and would set another school record for Salisbury.

Although she didn’t place, Sarah Bobeck ended up coming in 25th which is really good considering the fact that she is only a sophomore. This means that she will have two more chances to get the gold.

As for the boys 400yd freestyle relay Salisbury not only came in second, but they set a school record as well. The four swimmers involved included Daniel Bonge, AJ Oliver, Ben Wiener, and Mahlon Reihman.
It’s pretty safe to say that our falcons, or should I say fish, kicked some real butt at states. This is why it’s always a great day to be a falcon.

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