NPFH Shirts

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 9.21.09 AM.png

By Paige Mathieu

No Place for Hate is selling shirts for their final activity of the year.

Every year, schools who are participating in No Place For Hate are required to complete three activities so that the school can be considered a NPFH school. Each activity must address at least one of the three NPFH themes: celebrating diversity, promoting respect for differences, and challenging bias and/or bullying. This year NPFH has already done two activities, the assembly about Rachel’s Challenge and the removing bias video, where students held up statements that described who they really were, instead of what people think they are. The final activity for the year will be held in April.  
The final activity is going to be A Day Without Hate, which is actually an idea from the Friends of Rachel who are from the Rachel’s Challenge Organization.  NPFH thought this would be a great final activity, as it ties in the assembly that students participated in that the beginning of the year.  Although the activities for the day are still to be decided, NPFH is planning on having all students wear their NPFH shirts or pink.

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