Honors Chemistry II Field trip

By Nathan Rolls

On Tuesday, March 21, the Honors Chemistry II classes took a trip to DeSales University to watch multiple demonstrations, and understand how certain chemical reactions occur. There were multiple students from DeSales University that performed these experiments. The experiments included determining acid bases, experimenting with smell and how it affects taste, and how certain smells differ from person to person. Many other schools attended these demonstrations. So many schools came, in fact, that there were some teachers and students standing in the back.

DeSales students opened up the demonstration with a pH indication lab using red cabbage. The students chopped red cabbage and added it to water, because cabbage is a natural pH indicator, meaning when it is combined with water, it can determine the pH, or how acidic another liquid is. Liquids with a low pH turned the solution a reddish color, because these liquids were highly acidic. Liquids with a high pH, meaning they weren’t high in acidity, turned the solution yellow or green. Another experiment performed was with pheromones. The experiment essentially highlighted the fact that due to everyone’s unique gene sequence, smells can come off differently to different people.

Lastly, an experiment to highlight the importance of smell to taste was performed. A DeSales student gave 3 jelly beans: coffee, banana, and black licorice flavored. Then, the audience was instructed to pinch their noses and try tasting a jelly bean. People in the audience were pleasantly confused when they couldn’t taste anything. That’s because without your sense of smell, around 80% of taste disappears.

Honors Chemistry II students enjoyed these experiments very much, and expressed interest in more field trips for the science department, as many of them want to pursue a career in science.

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