By Jonathan Ionescu

A song released from the 2012 album, Trilogy. An older one, but one I just discovered recently. “The Knowing”, is officially at the top of my song list. I guess I have an album list, but a song list is also needed. To rank it? That is nearly impossible, I would spend ages figuring that out. Hypothetically, if I had to, it would be in the top 10 out of the many songs I have listened to over and over in my life.

Abel Tesfaye, commonly known as “The Weeknd”, stunned me with this one song in particular. Most people want to focus on the lyrics and music equally. I, however, usually favor one part over the other. However, it is fifty-fifty in this case. The song introduces a clean, feint, electric guitar with a melodic picking of high notes, followed by a muted strumming as a percussion beat. That is what I would assume it is. Then distorted guitar power chords play, as the rhythm. I must say, they do give the song a nice effect.

As the lyrics come about, The Weeknd talks about knowing what she did. Who is she? Well, at this point of time, his ex-girlfriend I’d hope so.

I know what you did

I know

I ain’t washing my sins

You probably thought that you’d break my heart

You probably thought that you’d make me cry

But baby it’s okay

I swear it’s okay


These lyrics are not followed in exact order, I took the lyrics with the most meaning. The Weeknd knows she cheated. But it is “okay” for him because he did the same. “Now we’re lying about the nights. Hiding all it behind the smiles”, refers to the fake relationship he had. Sad, isn’t it? He cheats in retaliation.

His voice, however, is amazing. Jeez, I would like to say it is seductive but- no it is. Yeah, it’s pretty seductive man. It makes your toes curl when you hear him. Especially on this song, these long high notes he holds give me chills everytime. I listen to this song when sad, or need motivation. Sometimes, just on the regular. In conclusion, this song receives 4.8 💯💯💯💯.💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 out of five 💯💯💯💯💯 one hundred emojis on the Johnny Romani Scale.

Ionescu out (insert purple devil emoji here)


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