Apple Visits Salisbury High School

By Paige Mathieu

The Apple Visit is a conference where schools from all over the Lehigh Valley and representatives from Apple come to Salisbury High School. The goal of the visit is to look at how Salisbury is using their technology and also for other schools to give suggestions as to new applications that the school could use in the future. Likewise, other schools may also be looking into programs that they would like to use in their classroom or be considering investing in laptops for their students.

Students from the elementary and middle schools came to the high school to show how they are using technology in their schools. Younger elementary school students showed the participants how they use their iPads in their day to day activities in the classroom, while older students showed the participants how they use their laptops. The middle school students also showed the participants how they use programs on their computer for math and other subjects at the middle school level. The participants were also able to roam around the school into the high school classrooms to see if the students at the high school are using technology efficiently.

Another reason why the Apple Visit occurs, is to determine whether or not Salisbury will be able to continue to use laptops in the classroom through the contract with Apple. An Apple representative stated that he looks for the students to be engaged in their learning. He liked that the students were using both technology based activities and non-technology based activities in the classroom. During the interview, he pointed out how he saw students hand writing their notes, which proved that the technology was not being over utilized in the classroom.

Overall, the Apple Visit appeared to be a success and hopefully students at Salisbury will continue to be able to use their technology to help improve their learning.

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