PJAS Science Fair

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.20.15 AM.png

By Paige Mathieu

PJAS, or the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science, is a science fair that students from 7th through 12th grade have the opportunity to participate in. The science fair allows students to test out a question that they may have about the scientific world. Each student formulates a hypothesis, conducts an experiment, and presents the results to a group of judges at regionals. Some of this year’s projects included “Which pain reliever has the fastest dissolution time?,” “Angle Effect on Photovoltaic Cells,” “What sealants protects the wood the best?”,  and “How does soaking in solutions affect the mass of gummy bears and potato slices?”

On February 25, students traveled to Easton High School to participate in PJAS. The students are placed in a room with ten other people and a group of judges. After the projects are presented, the judges score the presenter on based on a rubric. This allows for multiple people to receive a first place in one room. If a student wins first place, then they are able to present their projects again at the state meeting, which is located at Penn State University in May. At Penn State University, students are able to spend three days on the campus and present their projects again to another group of judges.  
Congratulations to Sien Bauman, Luke Foehrkolb, Olivia Hoeing, Nicholas Jones, Paige Mathieu, Matthew Staack, Dylan Thompson, Dylan Weber, Donovan Zong, and Bryce Erdman, who all received first place and have the opportunity to travel to Penn State University. The second place winners are Zachary Arner, Leila Clutter, Melissa Do, Jackson Harford, Aaron Kahn, William Perkins, Emily Ringholm, Julie Sizer, Michael Tiao, Colin Weiss, Sarah Bobeck, Cathryn Fitzsimmons, Ashley Karol, and Caitlin Scialla. The third place winner is Jessica Nguyen. Congratulations to all of the students who participated in PJAS!

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