PETE & C Conference – New Technology and Innovation

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 9.24.07 AM.png

Photo courtesy of Miss Brinson.

By Paige Mathieu

The PETE & C conference is a conference that teaches educators about new technology that could be used in the classroom. It also allows teachers to learn from other educators about opportunities that could potentially be used in their classrooms. There are many sessions throughout the day that teach educators about the technological tools available. These session include 60 in 60, which describes web tools, Gidgets and Gadgets, which teaches about tools that can be used in the classroom, and the vender floor, which allows educators to see the new products.

At the conference this year, media students from Mr. Wetherhold’s class presented on digital design and innovation. They showed off their skill by using Adobe products, augmented reality, and other software programs, such as Keynote. Students from Miss Brinson’s Gifted Seminar classes presented using the BreakoutEDU games. They showcased the importance of the education provided from both playing and creating the BreakoutEDU games. These students then presented two of these games to show the educators how the program works.  The first presentation was to 160 teachers, and the second was presented to 200 educators.

Both Mr. Wetherhold and Miss Brinson enjoy the information that the conference provides.  Miss Brinson says that she enjoys being able to learn about the new products that are being offered and tools that can be used in the future in classrooms. Mr. Wetherhold says he is excited to see where augmented reality and virtual reality are going, as these programs are only just beginning.
Thanks to the PETE & C conference, students can now look forward to new ideas being integrated into Miss Brinson’s and Mr. Wetherhold’s classes. Miss Brinson is looking forward to to using the a virtual reality system, the Vive VR System, in her classroom. Mr. Wetherhold plans to use more coding and design in his class, as well as allowing students to create their own software programs.

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