LCTI opinion

By Jonathan Ionescu

Second year of LCTI has just hit me. I actually have returned mid-year and it is great. I just had to write an article on this. I used to be a level one student last year. Due to issues, confusion, and uncertainty, I left LCTI after the first year was over. I did miss it. However, I liked Salisbury more because of the block scheduling. Let me tell you my experience from last year, and how it has changed since I came back.

When I first told my friends that I was going to LCTI sophomore year, my friends seemed indifferent about it. I guess they don’t understand what it is like or why, but I did not let their opinions get in the way. Orientation at LCTI was scary. The school was much bigger than Salisbury, and I got lost a few times. It is the size of a college because of the amount of career classes they offer. I learned about welding for two weeks. I welded, wore the mask, had a leather jacket and gloves. It felt like I was actually doing a job and working for a welding company. I blinded myself a few times with the intense ultra bright lighting. I burned myself. I saw a freshman drop a intensely hot piece of metal on his foot, he was rushed to the ER. It felt like labor. I was doing the same thing over and over in intense hot conditions. I wanted to leave and move on to my next rotational class.

I wanted to be apart of the Computer Maintenance team. However, it was full. It took me about a week of convincing the teachers to get the class I wanted. It went really smooth. I was the new guy and knew as much as the level three & four students there. I was favored in that class and believed I really fit in. After two weeks of that, I went into Web-Design. I knew I would hate it. I did not want to be a part of it. My mentality was, “get in, get through it, get out”. Surprisingly, I was wrong. This was the field I stayed in. Apparently, I did not just have to learn web-design, I could’ve learned anything else I wanted that pertained to computer technology. It could’ve been video editing, graphic design, programming, etc. I chose to do programming and began doing my own project. As long as you are doing some form of work, you will pass the class. It is self-taught, and there is much freedom. I have to say, the teacher is the best teacher I have ever met.

So why did I leave at the time? It was really a matter of using my time wisely. I thought that it was not going to be my major, so I left. I wanted to focus on music and majoring in sound production. However, I found myself better understanding and more passionate about technology. So mid-year, I decided to give it another chance. The class was full, but my teacher squeezed me in somehow. I’d like to thank him for that. I really loved the year. I met many smart students, funny people, and encouraging mentors. I have a friend from Salisbury who goes to LCTI. Level three student, Sean Michael Schuler, gave me his opinion on his experience there.

I asked him what career he decided on and if he had changed it. His response,

“No, I did Culinary Arts for the first year but it wasn’t interesting enough for me to pursue it further. I then transferred to Web-Design and have been in it since.” His opinion on the school itself?  “It is a pretty good school, however some people in there are weirdos and a distraction.” He recommended LCTI to people who have a passion in a specific career path that is available there. “If they are seniors, I wouldn’t recommend it. However if they are earlier in their high school years, then yes.”


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