Civilian Album Review

By Jonathan Ionescu

Receiving the best album award of 2011 from the A.V Club, the third studio album has been released by the band, Wye Oak. Merge records had signed with Wye Oak in 2009. The album Civilian had been in the works since 2009 and 2010. Personally, it is good that time was taken to make the album, since it is such a nice, well put together album. The band consists of two artists, Jenn Wasner, and Andy Stack. Jenn is the lead vocalist who plays guitar most of the time. Andy runs percussion instruments like drums, synthesizer, and piano. Again, I am talking about a band with the genre of indie.

I found their music because one of their songs was played in the trailer for the second season of The Walking Dead. I really like both the show and the song and I thought they collaborated well together. That song, Civilian, just had a rough survival modern-rock to it. The intro starts with a crunchy guitar with a unique fingerpicking pattern, following by the vocalist and a kick that beats hard, building up the story of the song.

Despite being an old album, it is the one I listened to the most out of their five albums. It is also, their most popular. A forty minute album that is consistent with that indie rock, slight upbeat pop sound to it. Usually, when I look at reviews from Metacritic, or The Rolling Stones, it is a review that should deserve a better rating. However, this time I can say the ratings that were given were respectable. Quoted from, PopMatters, “They create their own sonic world, one you may want to join yourself once you dig into its layers.” I love the way this review just signifies their originality and art they have created. It is really fascinating what music can take you to, especially uniquely- new/strange music. My favorite tracks from this album are, Civilian, Plains, & Two Small Deaths. It’s a very satisfying album that deserves a decent rating. I must say I am impressed with the band’s work. The album has definitely made it to the Johnny Romani scale. This album receives 3.9 💯 emoji’s out of five 💯 emoji’s on the Johnny Romani scale. Ionescu out. 😈

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