Salisbury Girls Beat The Palisades Pirates on Senior Night

By Alex Diamond

The Salisbury girls basketball team beat the Palisades Pirates by a large margin after they had a well-played game on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

The night started with the senior night celebrations, where Holly Bruns, Kyra Bruns, Caylin Meikrantz, Paige Nicholas, Hailey Szita, Noemi Von Holden were honored for being long-time senior participants on the Girls Basketball team and Agostino D’Ancona was recognized for being the manager.

The game started with an early lead for the Falcons. Junior Sarah McGee said that was within expectations for the team. “I expected coming out within the lead.”  As the game went on, the Falcons built up their lead and had a very little challenge for the majority of the game.

As half-time occurred, Coach Joe gave some advice to help encourage the players to keep up their good lead. McGee said that he told them to “Keep working hard and play smart.” The Falcons continued to stop Palisades from gaining momentum as the game went into the second half. They ended the game with a score of 41-28.

Senior Caylin Meikrantz scored 17 points and was the Falcons top scorer for the game. McGee, who was the Falcons second best scorer with 11 points, gave a commendation for Caylin for the work she did within the game. “She contributed a lot of points.” McGee was also happy about the overall performance of the team. “We had a lot more scorers than normal.”

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