Album REVIEW: Six Feet Beneath the Moon

By Jonathan Ionescu

Despite an older release, it still delivers original, raw talent. King Krule is a twenty-two year old musician from the UK. He is also known as “Archy Marshall”, “Edgar The Breathtaker”, or “Zoo Kid”. The name King Krule comes from the old film King Creole. The musical genius King Krule begin receiving fame and attention when he was just seventeen. At age thirteen, he was refusing to go to school. His parents were facing severe consequences if they did not comply. It came to the point where his father began to drag him there. Archy Marshall was diagnosed with one mental illness and also suffered from insomnia. He gathered ideas as he stayed up late listening to various music artists for inspiration. He called this, “soundscape”.

In August of 2013, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon was released. On Amazon reviews, it has received four and a half out of five. This is out of forty reviews. It also received a score of 77 on metacritics. I would of gave the album a little higher review. My favorite from this album is Baby Blue. The instrumental is very minimalistic but makes it perfect. It consists of one single lead guitar and slight use of percussion. The percussion seems so bland but that is what was the key to the song. I think Archy wanted to rely mainly on the empowerment of the guitar and his blood-freezing voice. I played his tracks for my mother and she said he reminds her of a modern Sinatra. To come to think of it, I see that a lot.

His talent is underrated, and yet artists like Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator want to work with him. One of my favorite ways to describe some of his upbeat jazzy songs are said by Joe Zadeh from Zadeh notes his song A Lizard State as “colourful avant-jazz and frenetic solos”. Listening to his music gives me more love for jazz. I think more indie should contain more elements of the use of jazz. It gives it a different flavor. Saxophone gives it a twist. I think good music should consist of anything new. A new sound to the ear is awesome. A new experience every time. In conclusion, this album is going to receive four one-hundred emoji’s out of five on the Johnny Tsunami Scale 💯💯💯💯/💯💯💯💯💯

Ionescu out 😈


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