A Super Bowl for the Record Books

By CJ Wittman

Down 28-3 late in the third quarter, the Patriots’ offense, led by Tom Brady, made a historic run for greatness. After 21 consecutive points in the 2nd quarter, the Falcons had seemed to have had the game in the bag. Only being able to score a field goal in the first half, the dominant offense of the Patriots seemed hopeless. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones led the Falcon offense to an electrifying first half, along with breakout runs from Devante Freeman.  With 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, Brady threw a 5 yard pass to James White to give New England their first touchdown of the night. After an unexpected failed extra point from Stephen Gostkowski, the Pats still trailed 9-28 with 2 minutes left in the third.  

In the fourth quarter, momentum swung towards the Patriots as they rallied back from the deficit. With the Falcon offense unable to move the ball anymore on the Pats defense, Brady and the offense started what may be called on of the greatest comebacks in Super Bowl history.  After a 12 play, 72 yard drive the Patriots were unable to finish with a touchdown, but settled for a 33 yard Gostkowski field goal. The Patriot defense forced yet another turnover for Atlanta, and got on the board again with a 6 yard pass to Danny Amendola. Holding Atlanta once again, Brady’s offense drove down the field in 10 plays for 91 yards, capping it off with a 1 yard run from James White to make it 26-28 Atlanta. After the huge 2 point conversion from Brady to Amendola, the score was knotted up at 28 with 57 seconds left to play.  

Atlanta’s offense was unable to score to take the lead and was forced to punt.  With few remaining seconds and too much field, the Patriots took a knee to send it to the first overtime in Super Bowl history. The coin toss was won by the Patriots and they elected to receive first. With all momentum on their side, Brady and the offense drove for 75 yards in 8 plays to score on a 2 yard run from James White to win it. Confetti and cannons blew off and the Patriots became Super Bowl LI Champions.  

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