Did the Favorites Make the Nominations?

By Jocelyn Donaldson

In about a month, the 89th Academy Awards will happen, and only the best movies of 2016 will win the Oscars they so rightfully deserve. Sure, the nominations are online and there are predictions about who may win, but what are the favorites here at Salisbury and did they even make the nomination?

There are so many different types of movies. On top of that, they can be sub-categorized. Now we have movies like rom-coms and such. After asking students, it was determined that horror, comedies, fantasies, and action movies are the most popular. This is important because the movies that fall in these categories are most likely going to be the most popular. Also, having a favorite movie also tends to sway your opinion about more recent movies. For example, one person’s favorite movie is Captain America, so their favorite movie from 2016 is the newest one, Captain America: Civil War. The movie was very popular when it came out, bringing in box office sales of over a billion dollars. Another also mentioned the same movie was also their favorite. A Harry Potter fan mentioned that they saw the 2016 movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Considering the movie is based on all the wonderful creatures in the famous novels turned movies, it’s understandable that this prequel that occurs seventy years prior is a must watch. The movie has managed to make the Oscar nominations in a few categories. Another favorite is Doctor Strange, which has a few nominations also. The most anticipated of 2018 is the sequel to the very popular 2016 movie Deadpool. The movie brought in 760 million and was given an 8.1/10 on IMDb. The fantasy/science fiction film is packed full of actions and is sure to make you laugh. Sadly, the announced Oscar nominations didn’t include Deadpool. Hidden Figures was another crowd pleaser that I have heard nothing but good things about. The drama/comedy is nominated for this years Oscars in many areas and brought in over 89 million. Most didn’t even know that the movie was from 2016, which isn’t surprising because it came out days before the new year. Lastly, representing the favorites of 2016 for horror films is Ouija: Origin of Evil and The Shallows. Having already won quite a few awards, The Shallows should be nominated in the Oscars right? Wrong. For fans of these two movies, there is some bad news. Neither have been nominated for the Oscars.

With so many incredible movies that have come out this past year, I can’t imagine how difficult it is to choose just a few to nominate. Although some of the student favorites are already out of the running, it doesn’t make them any less amazing. For the favorites that have been nominated for this years Academy Awards, wish them luck and let’s hope they bring home that much deserved Oscar.

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