Consumer Electronics Show

By Nathan Rolls

CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show, and is a place for electronic and motor companies to show off their hottest and latest products. This ranges from the biggest, baddest 5K TVs, to self driving cars. The Consumer Electronics Show is home to new and futuristic concept vehicles from the world’s biggest car manufacturers, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Nissan, and Infiniti to name a few. CES is a battlefield, where companies compete to try to win over loyal customers.

Here at the CES event, companies will hold presentations to showcase their newest products. Toyota did this with their latest release of their best selling car, the Camry. They speculate that the Camry is one of the safest cars on the road, and with the latest version comes new anti-collision software that prevents the driver and passengers from being in a potentially fatal accident.

The heads of Toyota and Lexus got together and determined that certain safety equipment, such as lane departure alert with steering assist, full range adaptive cruise control, and pedestrian and animal detection should not be a luxury that customers should have to pay high premiums for. As a result, they will implement this technology across the board, no matter the trim level.

What makes this so revolutionary is simply the fact that they are taking the most sold car in America, and making it better by not only ergonomic standards, but by safety standards. Toyota currently sells their Camry at a cheap 23,000$. For an incredibly safe car that has the potential to drive itself, this is a big deal. With car companies like Toyota and Acura including these safety systems at no extra cost to the buyer, they are truly investing in a much safer future, which they know will be flooded with more and more technology as time progresses.

Research has shown that with these safety systems, we can seriously cut these accident and injury rates in half.

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