Atlanta Falcons win the NFC Championship to go Super Bowl LI

By CJ Wittman

The Green Bay Packers arrived in Atlanta for the NFC Championship, not quite ready for the Falcons and their electric offense. Quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Julio Jones are one of the top QB-WR duo’s in the league, proving to be hard-to-slow-down players for Atlanta. On Green Bay’s offense, QB Aaron Rodgers and WR Jordy Nelson (currently battling rib injury) led the team.  

In the first quarter, the Falcons took a slow 10 point lead from a 2 yard pass to Mohamed Sanu, and continued to score after that. In the second quarter, Matt Ryan capped off another drive with a 14 yard run for the score, and a 5 yard pass to Ryan’s favorite target, Julio Jones.  Aaron Rodgers and the Packer’s offense, as well as the defense struggled to keep up with the high intensity of the Falcons. Atlanta lead the Packers 24-0 at the end of the half.  

Two minutes into the third quarter, Julio Jones exploded for a 73 yard pass from Matt Ryan. That followed by Green Bay’s first points of the night, a 2 yard pass from Aaron Rodgers.  The Packer’s offense picked up slightly from there as they finished with 21 points all in the second half, but their defense couldn’t hold off Julio Jones and the Falcon offense.

MVP: Julio Jones. The wide receiver finished with 9 out of 12 catches when targeted, for 180 yards and two touchdowns. In just the two playoff games the Falcons have played, Julio has 15 receptions for 247 yards and three touchdowns.

The Atlanta Falcons earned their key to Super Bowl LI in Houston to go head to head with Belichick and Brady of the New England Patriots.

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