Twenty One Pilots Concert @ PPL Center Review

By Briana Snyder

Lead singer, Tyler Joseph, and lead drummer, Josh Dun, from Twenty One Pilots are on their Emotional Roadshow Tour that started since May of 2016 and is going through May of 2017 ending in Gulf, Shores, Alabama.  On Tuesday January 24th, 2017 @ 7 PM they played at the new venue in Allentown at the PPL Center. To open up the show for Twenty One Pilots was Judah and the Lion famous for their song “Take It All Back” and Jon Bellion and his band known for their song “All Time Low”. Twenty One opened with a very loud high energy song that is their song they start to get the crowd going and ready for an amazing show “Heavydirtysoul”. Towards the end of the show as a special moment for Tyler Joseph he brought out his cousin who is at a college around this area and Pennsylvania; and had him go in the hamster blow up ball and had the general admission fans hold him up for all to see.

Nikki Fackler also went to the concert, and said that the concert was “absolutely amazing and filled with energy the entire time!”. She loved the part where Tyler Joseph sang without a lot of background instrumental music. You could hear his raw vocals, which were beautiful. She also liked the very loud and exciting parts, with a lot of drums and loud music. During these, the lights were crazy and it was very exhilarating. She does thought that the lights, sound, and venue were great. I loved the lighting effects throughout the whole concert. The sound was also great quality.

Although she enjoyed the opening band, Judah and the Lion, she thinks she would’ve liked them more if she had known the songs. The words were hard to make out since they were a band she had never heard before. Overall, she had a good time at the concert. “I would enjoy seeing another concert of them, because Twenty One Pilots always has great live performances (lights, sound, energy). This was the third time I saw them, and I would definitely see them a fourth. The first two times I was in the GA Floor and this time I had seats, but I would definitely choose to do GA if I saw them again. “

Skylar Slough mentioned that the concert was amazing and the lights were a beautifully done. Her favorite song of the night was “Lane Boy” and the passion of the crowd was indescribable. For the opening bands Jon Bellion was really great and different of a performer. His type of music was a great transition from Judah and before Twenty One Pilots 2 hour performance. “ I’d absolutely see them again. I had the best time of my life!”
To end an amazing, high spirited, die hard fans night they ended with an older song from their previous album “Trees” sending a goodbye farewell from Josh Dun the lead drummer, sending off red confetti in the air for all to enjoy and remember that time the will never forget!

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