Senior Privilege

Seniors are granted a privilege if they meet certain requirements. The privilege is that they can have their first or fourth block replaced with senior privilege. This means they can leave school, stay in the library, whatever they please. However, this first or fourth block must be an elective class.

Although, what else is required to receive this? You must meet the conditions to get senior privilege. The first being having above an average of eight-five percent in all classes. You cannot have an “F” in any electives. The next is passing all the keystones with proficient or advanced. To top it all off, you cannot have any unexcused absences or more than two infractions (detentions, suspensions, behavioral issues).

I did not meet the requirements because of my absences. I have two unexcused absences and one tardy. Therefore, I already do not meet the requirements of senior privilege. I don’t believe that this should be part of the requirements. Lots of people forget to bring notes. Not even that, but especially the keystones. Why do you have to pass all three? Lots of people fail it. I failed the algebra keystone the first time and when I went to go for retakes, there was two rooms full of people. It was like half the grade. I just do not see how the keystones should affect senior privilege. I believe the point in senior privilege is to give seniors more freedom that shows them what is like in college beforehand. Just a glimpse of is not too shabby.

However, the pros of it? I must say I am jealous of people who have it. You can chose to replace your first or fourth block, as long as you have an elective in place of where senior privilege would be. That means I could sleep in a little longer if I replace my first block. Or I could leave early during fourth block! My friend, Austin Hawley has this privilege. He leaves early in the day. I asked him his opinion on senior privilege. Here is what he had to say.


“Senior privilege has definitely been one of the highlights of senior year. It allows me to have extra time to do things sometimes do not have time for (homework, sleep, errands, etc.) It also in some ways make my days happier and more fulfilling. I feel like I can focus more on my classes ands truly pay attention that day since I only have three classes, compared to the normal four a day. Senior privilege is unquestionably a great thing to have, but it is most certainly a privilege. Having it makes me focus more on my school work and not break any school rules so I do not lose my privileges. “
Very well inputted Austin. I would feel the same if I had it. Three classes versus four is so much more manageable and would leave me with more energy. I envy you Austin!

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