Salisbury vs. Powerhouse Pottsville

By Taylar Velten and Abby Rapp

Salisbury had a very close game against Pottsville. The final score was 48-45, Salisbury. In the first half, the score was 24-9, Pottsville. Things needed to change for Salisbury if they wanted to leave with the win, which is exactly what they did coming into the second half. Their attitude had changed and they had more energy than ever before. This is the attitude of Joey Galantini, a junior on the basketball team, going into the second half of the game, “We knew that if we played a little bit harder and put in 110% effort than we would be able to make a good comeback.”

“My expectations going into the game was that we were going to win. I knew that they were a really good team, but so are we. That’s why I knew it was going to be a close game,” said senior starter, Ryan Slutsky. Salisbury is second half team, which was shown throughout this game. Salisbury only scored 5 points in the first quarter and 4 in the second which equaled out to only 9 points for the entire first half. Yet, Salisbury still ended up winning this game with 48 points, beating Pottsville by 3. “The reason I think we were doing so bad in the first half was because we kept giving them second chances and the rebounds. They were making every shot while we were only making less than half” said Ryan. “We weren’t really playing as a team and trusting each other, which made it difficult for us to defend well” Joey added.

This game was a tough one for the Salisbury boys, but they pulled out the win. The game after that was against Catasauqua High School. The boys came out with hopes to keep the winning streak alive, but that was not the case. With a one point deficit, Salisbury lost against Catty. This made them want to work even harder to win the rest of the regular season games. The win against Pottsville put the Salisbury boys basketball team at a great advantage, and put the entire team to a mindset that if they work as a team and play hard, no one can beat them.

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