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Sadnecessary Album Review

By Jonathan Ionescu

I think I’ll tone down the genre mood a little bit. Lately, I’ve been doing just the most unique, new music genres. I think a certain album should be given some light. May 31st, 2013, the German band by the name of, “Milky Chance”, had released their first studio album named Sadnecessary. What surprises me is the rating the album has received on the I was actually shocked with the reviews even after I decided to review this album. It was given two and a half stars out of five. I’ll give my rating at the end.

Milky Chance is a duo group that originated in 2012 from Kassel, Germany. The band consists of two men that met in eleventh grade in music class, Clemens Rehbein, and Philipp Dausch. What does not make sense to me is that one of their songs titled, Stolen Dance, had made it to number one on the charts in countries such as Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and many more places.

Their music genre can be categorized as Alternative rock, reggae, electronic, and folk. I see it as a sub Indie type genre but those tags are not used at all surprisingly. The album starts off with the opener, Stunner. The name fits well for the first track on the album. It starts off mysterious with some alien-like, reverse water sound effects. A consistent hi-hat comes in and the trembling voice of Clemens follows. I personally am very fond of his voice. If I were to sing, it would most likely be in his voice as portrayed. However, he does have an accent, but it is sort of covered up with the thick raspiness, and hard- low octane voice of his. One single that has been released, named Cocoon, had grabbed my attention a few months ago. His voice is more bright and has opened up more. That “raspiness” has left and it’s more of a pop star singing. I really dig it.

A lot of the album seems to consist all lot of hard hitting kick drums and powerful soft rock chords. Some songs follow with a specific strumming pattern to the guitar, I really like this so I decided to learn it on guitar as well. I’d like to shout out a specific favorite track from the album.  Running, has a deep meaning to it. The protagonist is chasing after someone special, some form of love to him. The lyrics, “I never been running so far, so immense far, when will I fall into your arms I want to try and stand the pain, of my all-time-hurting-feet And what about you, you drunken soul, is that your own will to go?” pertains to metaphorically having pain in his feet from standing around, waiting for such love to happen. The drunken soul is referencing to how his love is a drinker and that it’s not the protagonists way, he does not do that.


Poetic. I love poetry actually. I never imagined to like it when I was in middle school. As a songwriter, that is what it is all about. Sadnecessary is primarily focused on an upbeat setting with clean reverb/rock vibe to the guitar. It is very consistent in minimalistic percussion. The most you will hear of is a hit-hat, a kick, and a shaker in the background. If that floats your boat, give it a try. I love their music deeply.
In conclusion, this album receives four 💯💯💯💯 out of five 💯💯💯💯💯 on the Johnny Romani/ Johnny Tsunami scale. Ionescu out. Carrying out the Matthew Jordan legacy. 😈

Civilian Album Review

By Jonathan Ionescu

Receiving the best album award of 2011 from the A.V Club, the third studio album has been released by the band, Wye Oak. Merge records had signed with Wye Oak in 2009. The album Civilian had been in the works since 2009 and 2010. Personally, it is good that time was taken to make the album, since it is such a nice, well put together album. The band consists of two artists, Jenn Wasner, and Andy Stack. Jenn is the lead vocalist who plays guitar most of the time. Andy runs percussion instruments like drums, synthesizer, and piano. Again, I am talking about a band with the genre of indie.

I found their music because one of their songs was played in the trailer for the second season of The Walking Dead. I really like both the show and the song and I thought they collaborated well together. That song, Civilian, just had a rough survival modern-rock to it. The intro starts with a crunchy guitar with a unique fingerpicking pattern, following by the vocalist and a kick that beats hard, building up the story of the song.

Despite being an old album, it is the one I listened to the most out of their five albums. It is also, their most popular. A forty minute album that is consistent with that indie rock, slight upbeat pop sound to it. Usually, when I look at reviews from Metacritic, or The Rolling Stones, it is a review that should deserve a better rating. However, this time I can say the ratings that were given were respectable. Quoted from, PopMatters, “They create their own sonic world, one you may want to join yourself once you dig into its layers.” I love the way this review just signifies their originality and art they have created. It is really fascinating what music can take you to, especially uniquely- new/strange music. My favorite tracks from this album are, Civilian, Plains, & Two Small Deaths. It’s a very satisfying album that deserves a decent rating. I must say I am impressed with the band’s work. The album has definitely made it to the Johnny Romani scale. This album receives 3.9 💯 emoji’s out of five 💯 emoji’s on the Johnny Romani scale. Ionescu out. 😈

LCTI opinion

By Jonathan Ionescu

Second year of LCTI has just hit me. I actually have returned mid-year and it is great. I just had to write an article on this. I used to be a level one student last year. Due to issues, confusion, and uncertainty, I left LCTI after the first year was over. I did miss it. However, I liked Salisbury more because of the block scheduling. Let me tell you my experience from last year, and how it has changed since I came back.

When I first told my friends that I was going to LCTI sophomore year, my friends seemed indifferent about it. I guess they don’t understand what it is like or why, but I did not let their opinions get in the way. Orientation at LCTI was scary. The school was much bigger than Salisbury, and I got lost a few times. It is the size of a college because of the amount of career classes they offer. I learned about welding for two weeks. I welded, wore the mask, had a leather jacket and gloves. It felt like I was actually doing a job and working for a welding company. I blinded myself a few times with the intense ultra bright lighting. I burned myself. I saw a freshman drop a intensely hot piece of metal on his foot, he was rushed to the ER. It felt like labor. I was doing the same thing over and over in intense hot conditions. I wanted to leave and move on to my next rotational class.

I wanted to be apart of the Computer Maintenance team. However, it was full. It took me about a week of convincing the teachers to get the class I wanted. It went really smooth. I was the new guy and knew as much as the level three & four students there. I was favored in that class and believed I really fit in. After two weeks of that, I went into Web-Design. I knew I would hate it. I did not want to be a part of it. My mentality was, “get in, get through it, get out”. Surprisingly, I was wrong. This was the field I stayed in. Apparently, I did not just have to learn web-design, I could’ve learned anything else I wanted that pertained to computer technology. It could’ve been video editing, graphic design, programming, etc. I chose to do programming and began doing my own project. As long as you are doing some form of work, you will pass the class. It is self-taught, and there is much freedom. I have to say, the teacher is the best teacher I have ever met.

So why did I leave at the time? It was really a matter of using my time wisely. I thought that it was not going to be my major, so I left. I wanted to focus on music and majoring in sound production. However, I found myself better understanding and more passionate about technology. So mid-year, I decided to give it another chance. The class was full, but my teacher squeezed me in somehow. I’d like to thank him for that. I really loved the year. I met many smart students, funny people, and encouraging mentors. I have a friend from Salisbury who goes to LCTI. Level three student, Sean Michael Schuler, gave me his opinion on his experience there.

I asked him what career he decided on and if he had changed it. His response,

“No, I did Culinary Arts for the first year but it wasn’t interesting enough for me to pursue it further. I then transferred to Web-Design and have been in it since.” His opinion on the school itself?  “It is a pretty good school, however some people in there are weirdos and a distraction.” He recommended LCTI to people who have a passion in a specific career path that is available there. “If they are seniors, I wouldn’t recommend it. However if they are earlier in their high school years, then yes.”


Parent Information Evening 2017

By CJ Wittman

Tuesday, February 7, Salisbury High School hosted the annual parent information evening in the auditorium. Parents of 8th grade students who will attend the high school next year came to learn more information about the high school and how to make the transition between middle school and high school easier. Parents were welcomed by principal Heather Morningstar along with guidance counselors Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Wernick, and Mrs. Kriner.

The slideshow covered numerous questions parents may be concerned about, including Lehigh Career and Technical Institute Programs, graduation requirements and academic enrichment opportunities, scheduling samples, dual enrollment and SHS cyber academy, course selections, and course offerings.  The event is beneficial to new incoming students and parents as they prepare to the be the future of Salisbury High School.

Salisbury Boys Senior Night

By Shane Simononis

Boys basketball is a staple in the Salisbury sports community and it definitely showed on their Senior Night. For the team and the fans this was no ordinary game. It was one of the last game our beloved seniors would play on Bill Paulick court. To top it off, they were going up against league rival Southern Lehigh.

Salisbury started the game with 5 seniors including Blake Jones, Jaxon Costello, Ryan Slutsky, Collin Trainer and Dan Snyder. From the beginning of the game to the end, Salisbury controlled the game and the score board. The biggest performer being Jaxon Costello who dropped 32 points, with the help of junior guard Jack Reichenbach dropping 22 points. The ending score being Falcons 70 and Spartans 60.

Salisbury Girls Beat The Palisades Pirates on Senior Night

By Alex Diamond

The Salisbury girls basketball team beat the Palisades Pirates by a large margin after they had a well-played game on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

The night started with the senior night celebrations, where Holly Bruns, Kyra Bruns, Caylin Meikrantz, Paige Nicholas, Hailey Szita, Noemi Von Holden were honored for being long-time senior participants on the Girls Basketball team and Agostino D’Ancona was recognized for being the manager.

The game started with an early lead for the Falcons. Junior Sarah McGee said that was within expectations for the team. “I expected coming out within the lead.”  As the game went on, the Falcons built up their lead and had a very little challenge for the majority of the game.

As half-time occurred, Coach Joe gave some advice to help encourage the players to keep up their good lead. McGee said that he told them to “Keep working hard and play smart.” The Falcons continued to stop Palisades from gaining momentum as the game went into the second half. They ended the game with a score of 41-28.

Senior Caylin Meikrantz scored 17 points and was the Falcons top scorer for the game. McGee, who was the Falcons second best scorer with 11 points, gave a commendation for Caylin for the work she did within the game. “She contributed a lot of points.” McGee was also happy about the overall performance of the team. “We had a lot more scorers than normal.”

Salisbury Varsity Football/Cheerleading Banquet

By CJ Wittman

Sunday the 19th, Brookside Country Club hosted the annual Salisbury varsity football/ cheerleading banquet. Players, parents, and coaches attended to celebrate the seasons of each team and the graduating seniors from each sport. Everyone was welcomed and greeted by Mike Vaka as he announced he would be taking over the booster club for the upcoming seasons. Once he wrapped up, lines filled up for fettuccini alfredo, mashed potatoes, and chicken parmesan which were some of the many options of food offered.  

As tables finished their dinners, Head Coach Andy Cerco announced the awards for this season. Mike Killari won the Heart of a Champion Award given to one member of the team each year. This award went to the player that demonstrated good behavior and attitude on and off the field. Next award was given to Shane Simononis who earned the Coaches award, which was given to the guy who improved greatly from previously. Lastly, Cerco gave the MVP award to the most valuable player, Eric Frankenfeld.

The event ended after players and coaches got to reminisce on the season, and have a good time with their team. The football/cheerleading banquet was a huge success, as many were satisfied. The football team has been back in the weightroom and will compete in powerlifting meet Saturday the 25th as part of their training for next season.  

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