President Trump is Officially Our President

By Nathan Rolls

November 8th, 2016, was a historic day for America. It was the day that a majority of American citizens voted for one person, but still lost to someone who had less votes. It was the day the loser became the winner, and the winner became the loser. Donald Trump is officially our president, after the Electoral College casted their votes for Donald Trump on December 19, 2016. Not all electors voted for Donald Trump, however.

Many electors voted for someone other than the candidate that won their state. For instance, one Maine elector voted for Bernie Sanders, however the state ruled voting for someone else improper, and led the elector to vote for Clinton. One elector in Texas had intentions to vote for John Kasich. One elector tried to simply not vote at all, but this came to a halt when he was replaced.

Electors in Colorado fought a long legal battle over whether or not they should be granted the ability to vote for another candidate. The electors lost this battle. Four electors in the state of Washington decided to cast protest votes. Three of the four electors voted for Colin Powell, while another voted for Faith Spotted Eagle.

Many people want the Electoral College to become a thing of the past, because of the simple fact that Clinton has over two million votes over Trump. Many people claim that if this is truly a country by the people, for the people, how can the person with the more votes lose in an election? Whatever your opinions are, it is important to try to put them aside, and work your best to make sure your future, and the future of the people around you, is a functioning one. It is important to come together in unity, and work our hardest to continue to fight for what’s right.

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