Electors on The Run


Photo courtesy of http://www.wvgazettemail.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/storyimage/CH/20161220/DM0402/161229983/AR/0/AR-161229983.jpg?s=1482253950056 .

By Paige Mathieu

December 19th was an exciting day in the 2016 election.  Electors from every state voted for who they believe will be the best president for the United States.  Although these electors usually vote for the person they pledged to vote for, they were also able to vote for a different person if they see the need to.  These electors are known as rogue electors or faithless electors.  

One elector from Texas named Chris Suprun changed his vote, against the rest of the electors in Texas, to a different Republican candidate. He said that voting for Donald Trump is against his believes, and he asked for other electors throughout the United States to join him as a rogue elector as well. Because of Suprun’s  article, posted in The New York Times, two electors in Colorado also questioned their right to vote for a different candidate then they had pledged to. Colorado however, is a state that requires all electors to vote for the candidate that they pledged to vote for on election day. Because of their views against Donald Trump, they went to court to try and change these laws. The laws were not able to change at the time however, because the proposal was written to close to December 19th.

In order to win the election, one of the candidates must reach 270 votes from the electoral college. If neither candidates reach the votes needed, the two candidates with the most votes, plus one additional candidate is to be chosen as president by Congress. It was predicted that Donald Trump would win the Electoral College votes like it was predicted on election night, unless multiple electors, like Chris Suprun, go rogue.  
On December 19th, the media was alerted and against the hopes of Supran and a few other electors, Donald Trump did, in fact, win the Electoral College vote.

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