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By Jonathan Ionescu

A gramophone record, usually referred to as a record, is a disc that holds music on it with deep grooves. The grooves start from the end of the disc and finish at the center of it. Many people today refer this as to what is called, “vinyl”.

For a while, I have owned a record player and I’ve liked to collect vinyls.

Occasionally, I’ll go record shopping at a few places in Allentown with my friends. Sometimes I’ll be able to get a bunch of records for cheap. It really depends where you go. Some may argue that vinyl is a waste of money, or some may say that it is one step higher than the digital music we listen to today. I will give you my opinion based on my experiences with vinyl.

Sound quality can be up for debate. It is no doubt that vinyl quality is better than CD & MP3. But what is disputable? Well, many people have problems with the raw background noise that goes on during the record is played. From time to time, you will hear a scratch or crackling. This is only the case if you do not take care of your records. It is important to make sure you keep your records stored properly, in a sleeve and clean them time to time.

I personally think the crackling you hear is part of the music experience. Something played digitally with no flaws that plays perfectly just sounds kind of ‘fake’ to me. I also really like how there are many different kinds of turntables and speakers to choose from. The better the turntable or speaker, the better the quality of course. Having a good pair of speakers lets the music fill up the room everywhere. It isn’t like a wireless bluetooth speaker you hear kids play on the bus on the way back from school. It is good quality. It’s all for the listening experience.

The second reason why I buy vinyl is for the physical ownership of it. Something about just owning a tangible piece of music is so much better than having a digital copy of it filling up a hard drive. You can pick up the actually music/record, and look it. The art that the artist has made is sort of satisfying. You can frame it if you’d like, keep it as a collection item, etc. As you pick it up, you can look at the lyrics and other side notes that the artist has made. Vinyl lets you get in more touch with the artist.

Lastly, being apart of vinyl collecting gives you a memory to look back on. It also opens up opportunities for adventure. When you walk into a record store, you are doing what is known as “crate digging”. It is the act of searching for an album/single that you love on vinyl. Once you come across the record you are looking for, you never forget that moment. When I came across records I have always wanted, for example, King Krule, Bruce Springsteen, or Mac Demarco. There is such a joyous feeling coming across what you have been looking for. It is also adds on when you find what you were looking for in the discount section. I’ve saved money so many times in different places. I was at an antique store and came across a Joni Mitchell record that I bought for seven dollars. A few weeks later, it was twenty-five dollars at Barnes & Nobles.

Collecting music on vinyl might let people give you an eyebrow or they may give you judgement but that should not matter. It’s music that is made on a different format that comes in better sound quality, nothing more or less. My music taste and everything else that follows is very diverse. I try to be different.

Salisbury Varsity Ball Squad On a Roll

By Shane Simononis

This past Tuesday, The Salisbury boys varsity basketball team had an impressive win over the Notre Dame Crusaders 62-64 in overtime. The Falcons were down most of the game. In the 4th quarter they were down by 11 points but they weren’t done. They set themselves up for the comeback where Salisbury’s own Jack Reichenbach pulled up the game tying 3 to go into overtime.

The game was mostly led by Reichenbach who dropped 23 points, he wasn’t the only reason they won. Jaxon Costello “A Man Amongst Boys” helped with 15 points. On the Crusaders side Titus Wilkins kept the Crusaders good with 19 points and Mitch Daniels added in 16 of his own.
Overall it is still early in the season but this is still a big win for the falcons and a big confidence booster. This will be a season to watch and remember for the Falcons.

President Trump is Officially Our President

By Nathan Rolls

November 8th, 2016, was a historic day for America. It was the day that a majority of American citizens voted for one person, but still lost to someone who had less votes. It was the day the loser became the winner, and the winner became the loser. Donald Trump is officially our president, after the Electoral College casted their votes for Donald Trump on December 19, 2016. Not all electors voted for Donald Trump, however.

Many electors voted for someone other than the candidate that won their state. For instance, one Maine elector voted for Bernie Sanders, however the state ruled voting for someone else improper, and led the elector to vote for Clinton. One elector in Texas had intentions to vote for John Kasich. One elector tried to simply not vote at all, but this came to a halt when he was replaced.

Electors in Colorado fought a long legal battle over whether or not they should be granted the ability to vote for another candidate. The electors lost this battle. Four electors in the state of Washington decided to cast protest votes. Three of the four electors voted for Colin Powell, while another voted for Faith Spotted Eagle.

Many people want the Electoral College to become a thing of the past, because of the simple fact that Clinton has over two million votes over Trump. Many people claim that if this is truly a country by the people, for the people, how can the person with the more votes lose in an election? Whatever your opinions are, it is important to try to put them aside, and work your best to make sure your future, and the future of the people around you, is a functioning one. It is important to come together in unity, and work our hardest to continue to fight for what’s right.

Electors on The Run


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By Paige Mathieu

December 19th was an exciting day in the 2016 election.  Electors from every state voted for who they believe will be the best president for the United States.  Although these electors usually vote for the person they pledged to vote for, they were also able to vote for a different person if they see the need to.  These electors are known as rogue electors or faithless electors.  

One elector from Texas named Chris Suprun changed his vote, against the rest of the electors in Texas, to a different Republican candidate. He said that voting for Donald Trump is against his believes, and he asked for other electors throughout the United States to join him as a rogue elector as well. Because of Suprun’s  article, posted in The New York Times, two electors in Colorado also questioned their right to vote for a different candidate then they had pledged to. Colorado however, is a state that requires all electors to vote for the candidate that they pledged to vote for on election day. Because of their views against Donald Trump, they went to court to try and change these laws. The laws were not able to change at the time however, because the proposal was written to close to December 19th.

In order to win the election, one of the candidates must reach 270 votes from the electoral college. If neither candidates reach the votes needed, the two candidates with the most votes, plus one additional candidate is to be chosen as president by Congress. It was predicted that Donald Trump would win the Electoral College votes like it was predicted on election night, unless multiple electors, like Chris Suprun, go rogue.  
On December 19th, the media was alerted and against the hopes of Supran and a few other electors, Donald Trump did, in fact, win the Electoral College vote.

Binge Watch Over Break

By Jocelyn Donaldson

It’s finally time for this year’s long anticipated winter break! With the time off from school comes a slight problem. What exactly is there do to keep busy and fight off boredom? A perfect solution to this problem is a great T.V. show. In light of the cold weather, going outside isn’t much fun, so stay in, grab a snack, and relax while watching something new. Binge watching probably isn’t the best thing, but once you start an amazing show, it’s hard to stop. Personally, I love Netflix for watching T.V. shows, especially considering that many shows are exclusive to Netflix. Plus, there are complete seasons, so you don’t have to wait an entire week for the next episode like you would with cable. Also, Netflix is a great way to watch older t.v. shows and catch up to the current season. All around school, I’ve been hearing people mention t.v. shows that they can’t wait to start watching or catch up on. These are some of the shows that seem to be popular.

First off is the show Narcos. With two seasons available only on Netflix, the show follows the true story of Colombian drug cartels. Mostly, Narcos is about the famous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. It has five stars on Netflix and seems like a show that could definitely become addictive.

From first hand experience, I know that Luke Cage is an awesome show. An ex-con named Luke Cage works at saving his neighborhood from crime. The hoodie-wearing hero is just what Harlem needs. The show ties in with another Netflix original called Jessica Jones. Both heroes were created by Marvel. Watching the pilot will either have you hooked or turning to a different show. Either way, Luke Cage is worth the watch.

A show with seven seasons, Gilmore Girls is a heartwarming show about a single mom raising her gifted daughter. Lorelai and Rory are hilarious with their back and forth banter. Their close relationship combined with the daily struggles they face manages to always keep the watcher’s attention throughout every episode. What’s more, there is now a spin-off season set almost a decade after the last episode of the original series. The four episodes follow the three Gilmore girls through a year. Each episode is around an hour and a half long and is set in a different season. The first episode is winter, then spring, summer, and finally fall. There has been much excitement from Gilmore fans surrounding this spin-off. People on Netflix have rated both the original and the spin-off with pretty many stars, so the shows are definitely something to check out.

I know that some don’t have Netflix, so this article may have seemed pointless. However, I hope that if you don’t have netflix, that these shows exclusively on Netflix convince you to get it. If you do have Netflix, then these shows are definitely worth checking out when you have some free-time over break.