Bigger and Better Wrestling Team Ready For Competition

By Alex Diamond

The wrestling team is starting revitalized and ready compared to last year. The team has gained a new coach, Juan Garcia, and has vastly increased its ranks compared to the full season.

One of the most distinguished wrestlers is senior Shane Simononis, who has returned after being out for the second half of last season due to injury. Simononis has been a member of the team all four years of high school. “I was good at the sport and needed a new boost to find my love for the sport.” He is eager to get back to wrestling this year and feels very optimistic about the state of the team and the new coaching style. “I feel we are going to be a very different team this year. Juan Garcia is good. He knows a lot of techniques, is experienced, and forms good workout routines.” Shane plans this year to improve on his wrestling technique and to get stronger.

Another wrestler who is coming back after sitting last season out is senior Bailey Marcks. Bailey was inspired by his late Uncle Chad, who was a wrestler in high school before his untimely death. Bailey feels that the season is better than before as well. “The number of kids are up, people are enjoying the sport again.” Marcks excepts to have a good season, taking more shots than he has in previous years.

There are many other teammates making up the wrestling team this year. Simononis and Marcks recognized each other for their talents, with Marcks noting that Simononis has been key at mentoring newer wrestlers. Sophomore Jonah Niesenbaum was mentioned for his potential despite being new at the sport. Seniors Michael Murphy and Cory Brunner were also recognized.

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