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Dak Prescott and Cowboys get back on track after losing week 14

By CJ Wittman

Rookie quarterback Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys hosted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday night with hopes of improving from last week’s loss to the NY Giants.  That’s exactly what they did, as Dallas added one more to their win count, boosting their record to 12-2. Prescott had an outstanding game behind center, throwing 32-of-36, for 279-yards. He even added his sixth rushing touchdown, a franchise record for a quarterback. Prescott stands one win away from tying the record for most wins as rookie quarterback. The record is currently held by Ben Roethlisberger with 13 wins.

Along with Prescott, the other standout rookie, Ezekiel Elliott, dashed through Tampa’s defense. Elliott had 159 yards and a touchdown on 23 carries, and averages 6.9 yards per carry throughout the season. He also set the team rookie record with his 13th rushing touchdown on a 2-yard run in the second quarter.  

The Cowboys are an elite team this year, but definitely have to tighten some screws if

they want to see the Superbowl. With their 26-20 win over the Bucs, head coach Jason Garrett and the Cowboys must prepare this week for a very sharp team this year, the Detroit Lions.

December Horoscopes

By Felicity Koch

Capricorn (Jan. 20 – Feb. 15) – Try to spend some time with children. Their extra energy will perk you up. Being with adults can bore you. They can also cloud your imagination. If you can’t spend any time with kids, just try to keep your mind open. Don’t let all the adults get in your way

Aquarius (Feb. 16 – March 10) – You made a tiny change in your lifestyle a while ago. Now that small, miniscule change is improving your life in major ways. It’s still only going to get better. You finally can let somebody else worry. All you need to do is kick back and relax. Enjoy where you are in life right now.

Pisces (March 11 – April 17) – Staying home might seem fun and appealing at first look. But a friend needs help more than you need to stay home binge watch Netflix. So invite your friend over and have a heart to heart. Helping a friend is a better use of your time.

Aries (April 18 – May 12) – You’re a smart person. So don’t beat yourself up when you don’t know something. Instead fill that small gap. Research usually helps. Look up what you don’t know on the internet or go get a book at the library. (This is not a library sponsorship)

Taurus (May 13 – June 20) – You’re in the mood to rush out and buy something. Something not exactly cheap. But it’s got to be different. You know nobody would want it if you got it for them. If you can afford it, get it for yourself. Only if you need it though.

Gemini (June 21 – July 19) – Be aware of what you are saying. You might slip out a huge secret! You probably don’t even know if you can indirectly talk about it. So don’t even hint about the secret. Not a single peep. Then nobody can yell at you.

Cancer (July 20 – Aug. 19) – You got the reputation for being considerate, cooperative and easy to get along with. Well it’s in danger. Not because you lost your agreeableness. Your reputation is endangered because you’re ready to fight people of power for your family. Don’t worry about your rep. just fight for what you think is right.

Leo (Aug. 10 – Sept. 15) – Dreams and thoughts of how good things used to be, are on your mind. Now they are having a powerful effect on you. You’re about to get swept up in sentimentality. Be sure you remember everything correctly. Not just in your mind but in your heart. You have to remember the feelings that should come with the memories.

Virgo (Sept. 16 – Oct. 29) – Your first impulse is to say exactly what is on your mind. That actually might be the best idea right now. On the other hand, maybe you should think about it for at least 10 seconds. Just to be sure you don’t offend anybody.

Libra (Oct. 30 – Nov. 22) – If you are annoyed at a loved one right now, (more likely a little sibling) your feelings are very obvious to the person, and they will continue to get on your nerves. So you either can suck it up or you can straight up tell them. Whatever you decide, just try not to be offensive.

Scorpio (Nov. 23 – Dec. 6) – Look for a way to be helpful. It doesn’t have to be huge either. Donate some clothes. Console some of your stressed out family members. Help a little kid cross the street. Whatever unique way you come with, will do.

Sagittarius (Dec. 7 – Jan. 19) – Go ahead. Take a chance. Like a Nike ad, “just do it” Roll the dice and take the brand new opportunity presented to you. You have to forget the past though. Letting go is the only way to move forward.

Concert Opinion

By  Jonathan Ionescu

The sound of thousands of screaming fans. The ringing in your ears. The pushing and shoving around. The joy you get from seeing the artist you enjoy in person. You are at your first concert. Or maybe it is your tenth. Either way, you are having a wonderful time. I have two experiences when it comes to concerts. But first, let me bring a student in on this. His name is Nick Dryfoos. Here is what he had to say about his experiences.

“I’m not really a fan of concerts. To be quite honest, most musicians nowadays sound better in the studio than in person. Because of that, I’ve only went to two. The first one was a terrible experience, as I had to stand the entire time and could barely see the performer. It really all depends on how dedicated you are to the artist who’s performing. You’ve got to understand that there are some fans way more dedicated than you, and will literally camp out for days before the concert just to get front row, or refresh the website hundreds of times to buy the best tickets that they can. If you don’t really care about all of that, and just want to hear the music, then I recommend going to concerts. However, if you’re a person who feels uncomfortable around a big group of people you don’t know, are not willing to camp out for good seats, and ringing in your ears the day after, I suggest sticking with Spotify.”

I can totally agree with Nick on this one. He nailed all the points to look out for.

Dedication is what makes every experience different. It makes a dramatic impact. Like Nick said, depending how much respect and dedication you have, it can go either wonderful or awful.


I got a friend’s opinion to talk about her thoughts on concerts in general. “I went to go see Chance the Rapper. He sounded as good live as in the studio. We got into the concert quick. I even got there early and I still did not wait a while.”

When I went to see John 5, I was in awe. It was the first time in my life seeing a celebrity, an artist, a musician. I remember I recorded it on an older phone, I vividly remember saying, “oh my god” under my breath. His appearance was jaw dropping. He looked like a villain out of a movie the way he was dressed. Seeing your favorite artist in person gives you goosebumps.

The next concert I went to was in May of 2016. I saw Mac Demarco for the first time with my friend. We drove two hours to Philadelphia. We saw him at the Electric Factory where he crowd surfed. It was his first gig of the year so we got to see the best out of all the concerts that followed later. My feet killed me that night but it was worth every minute there. I can go on about what happened that night, and even have videos to remember it by. But it really boils down to concert opinions and what happens.

Stein Organizes Election Recount

By Lindsey Diamond

The 2016 Presidential Race was filled with controversy, so there is no surprise the results caused controversy as well. Jill Stein, the 2016 presidential candidate for the Green Party is leading recount efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and our own Pennsylvania. Has this been the first time there was an election recount though? No. There have been numerous recounts in the past (not all presidential) with the most memorable probably being the Florida Recount that occurred in the 2000 Election featuring George Bush and Al Gore. After reports of many foul ballots, there was a recount. Bush still remained victorious, but it was filled with controversy. Recounts are not as common at the presidential level, but they are not unheard of.

Jill Stein officially paid for the election recount in Michigan, which Trump won by 10,704 votes. The reason Stein targeted Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania is because experts taken in account high amounts of undervotes (mismarking on the ballots that are not distinguishable) in those states. Hillary Clinton supported the action too, and joined in for the recounts which contradicted when she said Donald Trump was a threat to democracy since he did not vow to respect the results of the election.

States must complete their recounts by the deadline set by the government, which is December 13. The major deadline is December 19, which is when the state’s electors will meet to cast their votes. Could they vote to put Hillary in office? Technically, yes, they can. Throughout the course of United States history, there have been a total of 157 “faithless electors,” which is when a member of the electoral college does not choose to pick for the candidate of their party. This could be for whatever reason, however a majority of these votes were changed based on personal belief. Is it likely for the electoral college to change their votes in such a way that it sways an election? No.

Plastic – Consuming Our World One Bottle at a Time


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By Paige Mathieu

Plastic is constantly used by Americans throughout the United States.  Not only are landfills consumed by this plastic, but the oceans are, as well.  In fact, there is an island in the Pacific Ocean dedicated to this hazardous material.

After people place their plastic water bottles or toothbrushes in the trash, their plastic is thrown into the ocean.  Every minute, one garbage truck filled with plastic is dumped into the ocean, adding up to 8 million tons of plastic a year.  The plastic in your toothbrush is not biodegradable, so instead of disappearing, the plastic simply breaks down into smaller particles known as microplastics.  Fish then make the mistake that these microplastics are their normal diet, plankton.  Before long, the fish is placed on someone’s plate, and they are now eating their toothbrush for dinner.

Hawaiian Monk Seals, an endangered species, are also consuming these microplastics.  Although, scientists cannot do a full study on the effect of these microplastics, they know that these seals are eating a large amount of microplastics.  These plastics are consumed by the Hawaiian Monk Seals that eat a fish that eat the microplastics.

Birds called the Laysan Albatross also live on the island in the Pacific Ocean that is cluttered with plastics.  These birds often mistake plastics for their normal diet.  The plastic makes the Laysan Albatross feel full, and they end up dying from malnutrition.

If people continue to use plastic and throw it into the ocean like they do today, in thirty-four years there will be more tons of plastic in the ocean than tons of fish.  Not to mention that people will eventually be consuming more plastic than they think they are. To prevent this from happening, people need to consider using reusable water bottles and recycling any plastic that is recyclable, instead of simply placing the water bottle into the trash because it is closer than the recycling bin is.  Saving the world can be done in many different ways and reducing plastic is just one of them.

Bigger and Better Wrestling Team Ready For Competition

By Alex Diamond

The wrestling team is starting revitalized and ready compared to last year. The team has gained a new coach, Juan Garcia, and has vastly increased its ranks compared to the full season.

One of the most distinguished wrestlers is senior Shane Simononis, who has returned after being out for the second half of last season due to injury. Simononis has been a member of the team all four years of high school. “I was good at the sport and needed a new boost to find my love for the sport.” He is eager to get back to wrestling this year and feels very optimistic about the state of the team and the new coaching style. “I feel we are going to be a very different team this year. Juan Garcia is good. He knows a lot of techniques, is experienced, and forms good workout routines.” Shane plans this year to improve on his wrestling technique and to get stronger.

Another wrestler who is coming back after sitting last season out is senior Bailey Marcks. Bailey was inspired by his late Uncle Chad, who was a wrestler in high school before his untimely death. Bailey feels that the season is better than before as well. “The number of kids are up, people are enjoying the sport again.” Marcks excepts to have a good season, taking more shots than he has in previous years.

There are many other teammates making up the wrestling team this year. Simononis and Marcks recognized each other for their talents, with Marcks noting that Simononis has been key at mentoring newer wrestlers. Sophomore Jonah Niesenbaum was mentioned for his potential despite being new at the sport. Seniors Michael Murphy and Cory Brunner were also recognized.

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