Thanksgiving Food

By Jocelyn Donaldson

Somehow Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means most families ate like crazy. The age old saying of gaining five pounds is probably true, especially with all the delicious food that people make to celebrate with. So what are some of the common foods people ate on this particular holiday?

Starting off with the main course. Every home is different, but most decide to serve some type of meat. The most common meat being turkey, but some serve chicken, roast beef, pork, salmon, duck and even lasagna to name a few.

Now onto my favorite foods, sides! If you couldn’t tell, I myself am a vegetarian and a picky one at that, so I know my sides well. Linked throughout the article are some recipes that you may want to try yourself. First up is stuffing. My family actually bought some special stuffing for the turkey, but had alternatives for people who weren’t too keen on turkey (AKA ME). Some type of potato product is necessary on the dinner table. Mashed potatoes are a classic you really can’t go wrong with unless you’re a really bad cook. My brother falls under this category, who actually caught his spoon on fire while making mashed potatoes. Maybe just have dinner catered if you’re that incompetent. No offense. Plus potatoes are so versatile. You can serve them in so many ways. Sweet potatoes topped with melted marshmallow is definitely a crowd pleaser. Cheesy scalloped potatoes, and baked potatoes are also perfect individual servings. One potato per person and you’re good to go. Potatoes au gratin are also delicious. I could go on and on, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who could talk about potatoes for days, so i’ll just move on to the next side: Green bean casserole. Not a fan, but that’s just my pickiness talking. Most seem to love it. Yams, cranberry sauce, corn, mac and cheese, squash, and rolls are also some pretty common side dishes that are delicious.

Although Thanksgiving has come and gone this year, next year make sure to look up some recipes for each dish, find a good one, and try it out. Just make sure to have a backup plan if you aren’t completely confident in it turning out well. For those of us that have been shunned from the kitchen and aren’t allowed to return, well at least we’ll still get to enjoy the food right?

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