By Taylar Velten

It’s that time of the year again, Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time of the year where families and friends come together to give thanks for everything that they have. Everyone gathers around the table, eats great food, and spends time together. Many people are excited to have a break from school, have huge dinners, and be with their families. Let’s see how some Salisbury students feel about Thanksgiving quickly approaching.

Junior Jonathan Roth said he is very “hyped” for Thanksgiving. “I love going to my nana’s, because I don’t see her often. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving has to be the food. My mom makes a perfect golden-brown turkey, stuffing, and even cranberry sauce. Hopefully I also get to spend some time with my girl over the long break.” When students were asked their favorite foods Brianna Belzner said, “My favorite thing that I have at Thanksgiving has to be the asparagus. The only time I get it is at Thanksgiving, because that’s the only time I see my aunt and she brings it every year.”

This year, Salisbury receives a total of 3 days off, with a half day on Wednesday. Students aren’t really thrilled with the 5 day break including the weekend. They wanted a longer break, but Christmas break is just around the corner. Thanksgiving is Brooke Rogers favorite holiday. Not only does she get to spend it with her family, but with her friends. A new trend that has been going on this year is “friendsgiving”. Brooke celebrated her friendsgiving on Thursday the week before thanksgiving. Everyone brought their favorite meal and a whole bunch of her friends came together to celebrate what they are thankful for.

What is everyone thankful for this thanksgiving? “I’m thankful for being fortunate enough to enjoy little things in life. That I am privileged and blessed enough that I don’t have to worry about hunger or shelter or any major health issues, so that I can enjoy my life and all that comes with it,” said Deziree Correa. “I am thankful that my brothers can come home for the holidays and I get to catch up with them,” said Meghan Fainor. Mackenzie Sikora said she is thankful for her friends. Kailyn Fox said she is thankful for having food and having money. Lastly Trinity Sobers said, “I am thankful for the people i’ve met and memories. The amount of light that radiates off of myself and others that choose a life of love and happiness is truly extraordinary; I am eternally grateful for that.”

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