“Love Story” Album Review

By Jonathan Ionescu

Love Story is an album released by rapper ‘Yelawolf’ on April 21st 2015. It is his most recent and most passionate album, says Yelawolf. Love Story has 18 songs and to me that is surprisingly a lot. I am going to give a review of the album and my thoughts on the Alabama rapper.

I will be very forward and say that I did enjoy the album. Yelawolf uses a strange diversity in his music. When his music is presented to a new person, they might be confused. Many of his songs are rap, with a country twist to it. Many of his songs are just full on raps featuring famous artists. You can even find songs from him that are sweet soothing love songs.

Yelawolf has a great voice. His music is fascinating and you can get a quick grip on it. Metacritic gave a review on his album, ‘Love Story’. It received a 64 out of 100 based on 10 reviews. Miranda J. part of XXL (American hip-hop magazine) had some words on the album. “In tune with his southern roots on Love Story…there’s a sense of self awareness and confidence that seems to have been missing before…He’s fully aware of who exactly he wants to be in hip-hop: a proud, raw, unapologetically Southern MC, something the game’s been missing”.

I can completely agree on Miranda J.’s opinion. Yelawolf has so much pride when it comes to his music, his southern roots, and the people that surround him. His music is a very deep listening experience. The use of intricate instruments being heard change the tone of the track. Much of his music uses a violin and a steel-string guitar. On top of that is a fast pace drum track to give it a hip-hop twist.

A negative review was given on the album. Jay Balfour from Pitchfork magazine gave a summary on it. “Love Story is far too long to accomplish so little…it’s draining…Yelawolf sounds like he’s just going through the motions instead of actually covering ground”.

I disagree with his opinion, and that’s not just because I like the album and the artist. He notes that he is going through the motions. Note that he is not mentioning the actual sound of the song. He is getting deeper into Yelawolf’s purpose/meaning. Isn’t his album supposed to be about what he’s feeling? Not what other people want? “Instead of covering ground”, what kind of ground? He covered his ground. He poured out his emotions, his thoughts, and feelings. He made his point. I don’t know what Balfour is talking about, but the name for Pitchfork Magazine is quite suiting for him.

Let’s hear a more positive review from a fellow student. He is a frequent listener of Yelawolf. I am fortunate enough to have a student from Salisbury, Zackary Reinhart’s thoughts on Yelawolf’s album, ‘Love Story’. “I think Love Story is one of Yelawolf’s greatest albums. His album contains hip-hop, rap, country, jazz and the blues all in one album. It only has one feature, which is Eminem, who is known as the “Rap God”. My favorite song from his album is “Best Friend”, which is the song Eminem is featured on. In this song, Yelawolf talks about his life like how his mother beat him, how he cannot love another woman because of that, and the mistakes he made. He mentions that he does not know much about the Bible, but is a religious person. In the hook, he claims that ‘God is his best friend’”.

Zack really went into Yelawolf’s perspective and tackled those emotions. I can say his opinion is very respectable. Yelawolf has been around for a long time and I await his next album. I’m thinking it’s going to be even better.

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