By Sydney Faustner & Briana Snyder

This week is nationally recognized as No Place For Hate week. Laura DosSantos, the No Place For Hate Leader/Coordinator, has been working with NPFH for the last 4 years to organize this event. Laura and all participants wanted to share some inspiration and positivity to urge you to do and be the same for others.  No Place For Hate asked everyone to use #shsnpfh when posting your positivity on social media, and to focus on the positivity when posting. No Place For Hate started by providing uplifting songs and videos to bring people up from a down day. On Day 1, the  song was “Scars to Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara. They followed it up on Day 2 by sharing a video of random acts of kindness to show that a little kindness goes a long way and makes a huge difference in the lives of those that are on the receiving end as well as those that are performing the acts. They followed up by asking an important question: What little acts of kindness can/will you do? On Day 3, they shared a video of 20 things they should say more often via Kid President.  He is wise beyond his years and we should all take his advice.  Words have the ability to change a person’s day… both for better and worse… so what we all need to do is choose wisely! Day 4 was a quote that was a theme here at our ADL NPFH conference.  It only takes one!  “ Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world: indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” For Day 5, they decided to share a few inspirational videos to get you through the weekend. Check them out here:  

Gotta Be – Des’iree

Thai Commercial

Love Has No Label

Leaving on a positive note, Laura DosSantos said, “If you are ever in need of some positivity, check out the No Place for Hate Salisbury Facebook Group, Twitter: @SalisburyNPFH, Snapchat: shsNPFH, or Instagram: shsnpfh.”

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