No Place For Hate Conference

By Nathan Rolls

On the third of November, 9 No Place For Hate members were selected to travel to Philadelphia to meet with like-minded individuals who want to improve their school. From group exercises to a grand keynote finale, students met throughout the state to truly make their schools a no place for hate.

The conference included many students from different schools. There were public schools, private schools, and charter schools. “What was so amazing was that there were so many different people of different backgrounds and experiences, but we all have the same fundamental ideas,” said one student at the conference. The nine students from Salisbury who were chosen to go arrived to school at a bright and early 6:30 A.M.. They arrived at the Pennsylvania Conference Center at around 10 A.M..

Soon, the schools divided up into separate rooms, where team building exercises took place. One of the activities was identifying one thing that was unique about everyone. As an icebreaker activity, the instructor divided the class into 6 groups, and the students who were once strangers had to find a common ground. One group found that they all shared the same food tastes, another group found similar music tastes, and another group found similar future careers. Another activity was listing all of the acts of kindness in our schools, and when it was apparent that there weren’t many random acts of kindness, brainstorming occurred to figure out ways to do so.

Once the morning session of team exercises was complete, it was time for lunch, where neighboring schools sat together to talk about how different schools compare. It was Salisbury High School and Allen High School, and the difference in unity between students was discussed.

Some believe that in today’s schools, there is a serious problem with learning and accepting the opinions of others. It is within these conferences that solutions to these problems are created. It was a time where all viewpoints, all political views, and all agreements/disagreements were put aside, and where we put our heads together to create an environment that is truly a no place for hate.

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