FBI Investigates Clinton’s Email Scandal

By Lindsey Diamond

Regarding the Hillary Clinton email controversy, there is a lot of previous information essential to understanding the whole situation. Instead of a government email, Clinton used a privately owned server which her personal email address was connected to. Throughout her term as Secretary of State, she continued to communicate top secret information through her personal emails. The emails she sent on her personal email varies from hair salon appointments to discussing domestic and international politic with Sidney Blumenthal. The previous FBI investigation closed in July, 2016 and rules as Hillary Clinton was extremely careless but no actual files were followed against her.

This brings us to the present. On October 28th, 2016, the investigations were reopened. James Comey, FBI Director, discovered additional e-mails and decided to review them to see if Hillary Clinton kept classified information on her private server. This time the emails were discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, Clinton’s aide, during the confiscation of his laptop regarding to the “sexting scandal”. James Comey declared there should still be no charges against Hillary Clinton and her reinvestigation. All the emails they reviewed turned out to be duplicates from the previous investigation or unimportant personal emails.

After James Comey announced the FBI investigation, Hillary Clinton’s eleven point lead decreased to only a four to five point lead. Trump has been using Clinton’s scandal strategically against her, saying comments like “She’s guilty. The FBI knows it. It’s unbelievable what she gets away with.” Clinton usually stays quiet about her email scandal, but at one debate she admitted, “…I’ll repeat it, because I want everyone to hear it- that was a mistake, and I take responsibility for using a personal email account. Obviously, if I were to do it over again, I would not.” Overall, this reinvestigation comes at an unfortunate time with the election coming up on November 8th. Will this scandal cost or jeopardize her chances in the election?

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