Conor McGregor: UFC’s Finest

By CJ Wittman

Conor McGregor has made his name heard over the course of a couple years. Arguably the best fighter of the century, the 5 ft 9,170 lb Irishmen has proven he is one of the best. With his ability to fight as a as a featherweight, lightweight and welterweight, his UFC career has already been one to remember.  

McGregor has a list of accomplishments under his belt. In 2008, McGregor started his mixed martial arts career and in 2012, he won both the Cage Warriors Featherweight and Lightweight Championships. In his UFC career, Conor is known for his 13 second featherweight championship knockout versus José Aldo. This was the fastest victory in UFC title fight history. With an MMA record of 20-3, 17 by KO, McGregor has proved his ability to fight with the best.  

The Dublin native is also known for being the biggest pay-per-view draw in UFC history. His flashy and fierce personality brings him fans from all around the world. Also don’t forget about his money, McGregor is on track to earn 100 million in earnings from fighting by the time his career is over, the richest fighter in history.  

Conor McGregor’s career and lifestyle so far has brought an excitement to the Ultimate Fighting Championships. We can only wonder what McGregor will do next.

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