A Fiesta for the Dead

By Paige Mathieu

El Dia de Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is a time to celebrate loved ones who have passed away. In many Spanish speaking countries, families celebrate the day in many different ways. Some people build altars for their loved ones that are covered with the deceased’s favorite foods, favorite objects, and photos of the person. Children eat a sweet bread called Pan de Muerto, as well as decorate skulls made out of sugar.

To celebrate the special day this year, students in Senorita DosSantos’s Spanish level two and five classes created projects. Each student was able to create either an infographic or a creative project. Some students were also able to create a video. The creative projects included an altar, decorated skulls, and fabric made projects. The creative projects were then entered into a contest.  Students in each class were able to vote for their peers’ projects. The students who won the majority of their peers’ votes, would then be placed into the public vote.  After 378 votes from the public, the winners were announced both through email, as well as on Impact.  The winners are Jocelyn Donaldson, who created a miniature altar, Kayla Ranelli, who created a calavera storm trooper, Megan Leary, who created a festive skull, and Ryann Thompson who created three masks.

The infographics, although not apart of the contest, were still created to celebrate the Day of the Dead.  The projects displayed were colorful and very informative.  Some of the infographics were written in Spanish, while others were written in English. This was based on the level of Spanish that the student who created the project was in.

The final project that was made for el Dia de Muertos in Senorita DosSantos’s classes were two videos.  One video shows the meaning behind the Day of the Dead through a skit.  The other video informs the viewer on interesting facts about the day.  Overall, all of the projects turned out great, and the students in Spanish two and five learned about the Day of the Dead in a unique way.

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