Red Ribbon Week

By Taylar Velten

It’s that time of the year again, red ribbon week! Red ribbon week, which is a popular week at salisbury, is run by the club Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD). It is supposed to spread awareness and get the attention of students. Each day of the week there are different festivities. On Tuesday there was trivia at lunch, Wednesday was hawaiian shirt day, Thursday was raise your hand against drugs, Friday was wear red day, finishing off the week on Saturday is going to the football game and advocate for anti-drugs cause.

At lunch on Thursday many students made the pledge against destructive decisions by  drawing their hand and signing it on the chalkboard. SADD is a group that spreads awareness of the dangers of making harmful decisions. Which they have done an amazing job at doing. More and more people continue to join SADD every year. They have about 60 members.  

SADD’s president, Marisol Rosario, expresses what SADD means to her. “I really like SADD because it gives us the opportunity to make students aware of how their choices can affect them. I hope that it makes students think about stuff we try to teach them to prevent them from making bad choices”. The treasurer, Kyra Bruns, feels similarly she said, “I feel very similar to Marisol, I love being in SADD because it encourages students to think about their choices and choose the smartest decision. The activities bring the school together and they’re fun and worthwhile”.

This is how Mrs. Wascura, who is the leader of the club, feels about said, “To me, SADD is an organization that keeps students together and focuses them on a common goal.  Our goal, specifically, involves educating students so that they are able to make informed, safe, and responsible decisions.  We hope that we can give kids a voice to stand up against peer pressures that come at them on a daily basis and to provide them with facts and knowledge to carry on to others”. The dedication that the students who are not only in SADD have for the club. SADD is a club at Salisbury where everyone can participate in all of their events, which is why Red Ribbon week is one of the most popular weeks at Salisbury High School.

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