College Opinion

By Jonathan Ionescu

Students tend to stress over college in high school. They worry if they will not get accepted to any colleges, will not have enough funds, or what they will be when they grow up. Personally, I never struggled with these worries. I was never stressed by it.

Probably the largest aspect that students stress about is money. According to a survey named, “Get Schooled”, 70% percent were concerned with money being the issue.

There has been debate over having free college tuition. Everyone wants that. That would be glorious wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, that will never happen. There would be both pros and cons of having free college. The first good thing would be a better, and smarter society. If there was no college debt, this would increase the chance of  students having houses, getting married, and having children.

If we were to have free college, a big thing would happen that we would not want; taxes. Tax rates will go up, and we have been always wanting to have it lowered. It is possible to have free college tuition, but this is not a popular topic brought about in our world. At a federal level, it is not a popular topic.

However, for now, I believe we should keep it the way it is. The economy is already doing bad. Changing such will just make things worse. Who knows what will happen in the next five years.

Another article I used for backup:

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